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Safer Motorcycling

We’re committed to making motorcycling safer across Essex.

That means reducing the number of crashes, collisions and casualties on the county’s roads.

Police officers on motorcycles

Police motorcyclists

We have a team of experienced police motorcyclists to educate riders, tackle dangerous driving and make the roads a safer place for motorcyclists.

Essex Police currently has 10 motorcyclists, nine marked and two unmarked bikes patrolling the county to help reduce the number of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured on the roads of Essex.

We’re doing this in three ways:

  • Education – Helping motorcyclists become safer riders by passing on our officers’ skills and experience and providing riders with further training if necessary.
  • Enforcement – Taking action against careless or dangerous driving, excess speed, vehicles involved in a crime and riders without tax or insurance.
  • Engineering – Working with Essex County Council to make problem roads a safer place.

Keeping your motorcycle safe

  • Ensure your motorcycle or moped has adequate security and you have sufficient insurance to cover any loss. Take a photograph of your vehicle and any distinguishing features.
  • You are less likely to have your motorcycle or moped stolen if it has an alarm fitted and you have relevant labelling on the motorcycle. Alarms with movement sensors are preferable as they activate when the motorbike is moved. Look for a Thatcham approved alarm and/or immobiliser.
  • Fit a tracker which can be monitored with a smart phone app or by a monitoring station.
  • A ground anchor and good quality disk locks, security shackles and chains will prevent someone easily removing your motorbike. Look for 'Sold Secure' or Secured by Design products.
  • Consider property marking your motorbike components with a suitable product and again having relevant labelling on the motorcycle. This will make it less desirable to thieves and harder for them to dispose of it or sell it on.
  • Park your bike in a locked garage or enclosed area whenever possible. If not, cover your bike with a suitable cover and park in a well-lit area or in a Park Mark approved car park


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