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Firearms Application

The Essex Police Firearms, Shot Guns and Explosives Licensing (FSEL) Section manages all aspects of the licensing of firearms and explosives.

The team, based at Headquarters in Chelmsford, is responsible for:

  • making enquiries into applications for firearms, shot guns and explosives
  • issuing certificates and permits within the Essex Police area
  • managing registered firearms dealers
  • managing Home Office approved gun clubs

On the next few pages you’ll find an explanation of the application forms for certificates, a list of fees, advice on firearm safety and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Essex Police follows Home Office Firearms Law guidance in the administration of firearms.

Our fees

Firearms certificates (valid for 5 years)

Cheques to be made payable to ‘Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex’

Grant of firearm certificate

Renewal of firearm certificate

Variation of a firearm certificate so as to increase the number of firearms to which the certificate relates

Replacement of a firearm certificate which has been lost or destroyed

Shot Gun certificates (valid for 5 years)

Grant of shot gun certificate

Renewal of shot gun certificate

Replacement of a shot gun certificate which has been lost or destroyed

Renewal of a shot gun certificate which expires at the same time as a firearms certificate (co-terminous)

Explosives certificates (valid for up to 5 years)

Acquire and keep

Acquire only

Dealer registration (valid for 3 years)

Initial registration of a person as a firearms dealer

Triennial re-registration as a firearms dealer

Game fair etc., if principal place of business is in another police force area

Club approvals

Home Office club approval (valid for 6 years)

Firearms certificate for a Home Office approved club (valid for 5 years)

Visitors permits

Application for a single visitors permit

Group application for a visitors permit (5 to 20 people)


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