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Welcome to the Tiptree Policing Team pages. We are committed to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit and will work with the community and our partners to tackle local problems. Tiptree is part of the Colchester district and covers areas including Tiptree Heath.

Below you’ll find the members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team and details of how to contact them.

PC Darin Patrick (Collar number 71587)

I have been working for Essex Police since 2007 as a Police officer; I have worked in various areas in the county and have dealt with many different and varying situations. I enjoy engaging with the community and providing a reassuring presence. I aim to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 432140
Mobile: 07801461695

PCSO Richard Hauley (Collar number 6761)

My name is Richard Hauley I have been with Essex Police now for nearly eight years. The first two years I spent as a detention officer in Colchester, and for nearly six years as the first PCSO in Tiptree, and I have loved every moment.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 432100
Mobile: 07801461695

John Howard

PCSO John Howard (Collar number 71266)

I have been a Tiptree and rurals officer for around 6 years. I am based at Tiptree station but drive out to the villages as much as possible. I hold the Neighbourhood beat surgeries in the villages where you can come and have a chat about any concerns you may have. Please contact me if you have any enquiries or would like me to visit you when I am on patrol.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 432140
Mobile: 07801461695

Your local police station is listed below along with its opening hours and accessibility features. If your local police station is not open 24-hours, you can find details of your nearest 24-hour police station on the right of this page.

Contact details:

Colchester Police Station
10 Southway

Tel: 101

View station on map

Opening Hours
mon08:00 - 00:00
tue08:00 - 00:00
wed08:00 - 00:00
thu08:00 - 00:00
fri08:00 - 00:00
sat08:00 - 00:00
sun08:00 - 00:00
Accessibility features
  • Ramp
  • Toilet
  • Induction loop
  • Disabled Parking
  • Automatic Door Opening (via push button)
  • Disabled toilet
  • Confidential Room
  • Customer Care Pack
  • Visitor parking facilities

Mobile: 07801461695

Below you can read about the issues you have made a policing priority in your neighbourhood. We aim to act on the issues that matter the most to you.

Local Priority


There were no new priorities identified at the last neighbourhood meeting for this area

Raised on 06/10/2014

Listed below are a number of events we invite you to come along to. They’re an opportunity for you to meet the team and discuss any issues or concerns you have.

Street Meeting

Date:31st October 2014 12:00 - 13:00
86 Church Rd,
Extra Info:Come and visit your local PCSO to discuss any ongoing issues or concerns
Contact:Mobile: 07966197404

Local Community Meeting

Date:12th December 2014 19:00 - 21:00
Where:Layer de la Haye Village Hall
New Cut

Extra Info:Venue to be confirmed These meetings will be held throughout Colchester Borough please check other Neighbourhood areas for a meeting that is more convenient for you

Local Community Meeting

Date:13th February 2015 19:00 - 21:00
Where:Layer de la Haye Village Hall
New Cut

Extra Info:Venue to be confirmed These meetings will be held throughout Colchester Borough please check other Neighbourhood areas for a meeting that is more convenient for you

Crime statistics for your neighbourhood are available below along with resolutions to broader crime issues.

View crime statistics for this neighbourhood


A Bit of Summer Crime Prevention Advice
Hopefully the warm weather we have had already will not be the last and it will be a great summer. Please consider the points below so you don’t become a victim of crime.
If you have unoccupied rooms that are accessible to others from outside or off flat roofs make sure the windows are closed, if you need ventilation in these rooms at least lock the larger window and only have the small window open, even during the daytime. If you only have bigger windows consider a lockable window restrictor or a small alarm sensor on the window to detect entry.
Leave a door or patio door open and in comes trouble, even during the day. If that door is accessible the sneak thief will pop in and anything lying around will be gone, you may have only popped down the end of the garden or having a quick shower upstairs, it only takes a second.
Before you turn in for the night do the “rounds” and check all is secure, some may think it is a bit over the top but you will feel more confident and less likely to become a victim.

Check the simple things:-
1. Parked cars – are the windows shut and doors locked (don’t assume that by pressing the button on the remote it is locked, try the handle too)? A lot of thefts are from insecure cars and vans.
2. Side gate shut and locked, sheds and garages secure?
3. Don’t leave unattended pedal cycles insecure and out the front.
4. Doors closed and locked? Don’t forget on that UPVC multi-locking door you may have lifted the handle but until you turn the key on the inside you have not locked all the locks in place.
5. Don’t forget to check that patio door, someone may have closed it but did they lock it?
6. Windows - lift the blinds or open the curtains and check they are closed, the sun may have been on the TV and it was hot, so they were drawn with the window open. Remember the advice above re open windows. Make sure in case of fire that keys to windows and doors are readily accessible to occupants but not in view of possible burglars.
7. If you have an intruder alarm activate the zone for the unoccupied area.
8. Car keys - don’t take them to bed with you, where possible leave them in noisy drawer/location.
9. If you do hear a suspicious noise in the house that you are not happy with dial 999, if you have an intruder remember your life is more important than your property, but do get a good description and if possible car index number.
10. Social Media – When using “Facebook” or other be wary of announcing to the world that you are away and your house is empty. Make sure your profile does not contain private information that would identify you or your address to a stranger.

Last bit of advice - Going on holiday? Stop the milk and newspaper deliveries and look after each other, get a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your property, ensure neighbours have contact numbers for a key holder and where possible let them park their car on your drive. Basically if you create the illusion that your house is occupied it is less likely to be broken into.

Members of the public are urged to keep a look out when driving around Tiptree and surrounding villages for tipper and flat bed vehicles carrying waste. They do not have to be seen committing Flytipping but merely carrying the waste. We are asking for the public to record the registration, time and place seen and what the vehicle was carrying. Checks will then be completed by the council who will investigate if a waste carriers licence is held and where the rubbish was disposed of. Those found carrying waste illegally can be fined £300.
Flytipping or information regarding vehicles can be reported to the council on 01206 - 282700, the contact to pass the information to Street Services Colchester.

ZONE STREET WARDENS (Colchester Borough Council)
CBC operate a team of Community Wardens which comprises of a supervisor Marc Salmon and two wardens Zoe Frost and Gary Cole. They have been accredited by by Essex police and are able to issue fixed panalty tickets for cycling on footpaths, dog fouling and littering. They are also empowered to remove alcohol and cigarettes from young people.
As well as dealing with littering and flytipping issues they work to develop links with the community by way of attending meetings and groups as well as making call ons to vulnerable adults.
The Wardens work very closely with the Police in Tiptree to bring you the best all round service possible between us.
If you wish to speak to any of the wardens for advice or help they can be contacted on the numbers below.
Marc Salmon - 07795121607 (manager)
Zoe Frost - 07817297215
Gary Cole - 07507647373

There are a number of changes with how neighbourhood policing is working now within Essex Police. PCSO's will now be carrying out weekly "street meetings" for an hour at set locations. Neighbourhood policing teams will also be carrying out 8 weekly meetings at set locations where members of the public can meet to discuss local concerns or issues. See the Events Tab for more information.

You can take action in a number of ways to help make your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit.

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