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Welcome to the Rayleigh Neighbourhood Policing Team pages. We are committed to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit and will work with the community and our partners to tackle local problems. Rayleigh is part of the Rochford district and covers areas including Wheatley, Grange, Whitehouse, Lodge and Sweyne Park.

Below you’ll find the members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team and details of how to contact them.

Sergeant Victoria JARVIS (Collar number 70959)

I am the Sergeant for the Rochford District Neighbourhood Policing Team. Please contact your neighbourhood officer or PCSOs for help and advice on 101 ext 490535. Please do not report crime or incidents directly to any of the email addresses below. Please contact Essex Police on telephone number 101 so your call can be dealt with appropriately.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490123


PC Steve JOYNES (Collar number 1325)

I am one of the Neighbourhood Police officers for the Rochford District. I have been a police officer since 1989 having spent the majority of that time in the District. I am an avid Manchester United supporter. I still enjoy running about the pitch myself on a Sunday morning in the Vets league but I am certainly no Eric Cantona. Please contact me to discuss your crime, anti-social behaviour and general policing concerns or thoughts regarding the Neighbourhood.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490535

PC Steve JUDD (Collar number 917)

I have 19 years of service having performed a variety of different roles both within the Metropolitan Police until 1999, then transferring to Essex Police working at Tilbury, Rochford and Southend. I have always returned to the role I enjoy most; Neighbourhood Policing and look forward to working with you to address the issues that affect you most.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490535


PCSO Kelly BOWEN (Collar number 71326)

I have worked for Essex Police in the Rochford District for over 9 years. I am always happy to help and offer advice. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges the role of being a PCSO brings in the effort to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in our District.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490535


PCSO Laura BARTLETT (Collar number 8505)

I have returned to Neighbourhood Policing following a year off to have a baby and in that time I also got married. I have been policing the Rochford District for over 10 years now so I have good knowledge of the local area. Even though my life has changed dramatically my work ethic hasn't and I am always happy to help in any way I can and offer advice where possible.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490535


PCSO Zoe NUTH (Collar number 6637)

I have worked for Essex Police since October 2001 initially on the service desks at Rayleigh & Rochford. I am now a PCSO in the Rochford District. I am always happy to help and offer advice. I am determined to keep the District a safe and pleasant place to live and work.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490535

PCSO John VENNER (Collar number 7403)

I have been with Essex Police for a number of years now, initially employed as a Communications Officer within the Force Control Room. I then took a change in career by becoming a PCSO. I started in Brentwood before transferring to Rochford District. I enjoy community work and aim to be at community events with advice and assistance.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490535

PCSO AJ BURTON (Collar number 74193)

I am one of your local PCSOs for the Rochford District. I am working towards reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. I can regularly be found patrolling the streets so stop me if you require my help or advice.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 490535

Your local police station is listed below along with its opening hours and accessibility features.

Contact details:

Rayleigh Police Station
119 High Street

Tel: 101

View station on map

Opening Hours
mon08:00 - 00:00
tue08:00 - 00:00
wed08:00 - 00:00
thu08:00 - 00:00
fri08:00 - 00:00
sat08:00 - 00:00
sun08:00 - 00:00
Accessibility features
  • Ramp
  • 1 car parking space for disabled visitors
  • Induction loop
  • Toilet
  • Confidential room
  • Automatic Door Opening (via push button)
  • Customer Care Pack

Below you can read about the issues you have made a policing priority in your neighbourhood. We aim to act on the issues that matter the most to you.

Local Priority


Dwelling burglaries around the Rayleigh & Rawreth area

Raised on 01/11/2015


Increased overt/covert patrols in this area. Operations Insight patrols. House to house enquires. Essex Community Messaging Alerts.

Updated on 22/11/2015

Local Priority


Theft from motor vehicles in Rayleigh & Rawreth

Raised on 01/11/2015


Increased police presence in 'Hot Spot' areas. PCSO's carrying out property marking, Safety information given out to 'likely' target areas. HVP in car park areas. Use of Social Media and Essex Community Messaging to raise awareness.

Updated on 22/11/2015

Listed below are a number of events we invite you to come along to. They’re an opportunity for you to meet the team and discuss any issues or concerns you have.

Local Community Meeting

Date:1st December 2015 19:00 - 20:00
Where:Rayleigh Town Council Pavilion,
situated within King George Park and reached via Websters Way car park.

Extra Info:***MEETING CANCELLED ON 1st DECEMBER 2015. Officers are unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience.*** This meeting is for anyone that lives in, works in or visits the Rayleigh, Rawreth and Hullbridge area. A member of the Neighbourhood Policing Team will be at the location to discuss any concerns or issues you may have. Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour figures are available. Periodically officers may get called away at short notice if an urgent operational need arises. In these cases, please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment. PLEASE NOTE: All urgent incidents should be reported to 999 in an emergency or to 101 non emergency.

Crime statistics for your neighbourhood are available below along with resolutions to broader crime issues.

View crime statistics for this neighbourhood


[updated 16/11/2015]


Essex Police is facing an unprecedented level of demand for its service and there is a need for us to concentrate our resources on meeting this demand, especially in areas that present the greatest threat or risk of harm to the public and the more vulnerable members of our community. We are continually working to provide a high quality service and to ensure consistency we have decided to withdraw the use of Neighbourhood Policing mobile phones. In order to ensure that you receive the most appropriate response to your call we ask that you use the 101 number for non-emergency calls and dial 999 in the case of emergencies. The Neighbourhood Policing Team mobile phone messages will now redirect callers to 101.


Please sign up to for accurate email or *new APP for smart phones* notifications of acquisitive crime in your area, sent directly from Essex Police and partners. The service allows you to select multiple postcode locations for example if you wanted to keep a check on the area of where a relative lives that is maybe not on the internet. Sign up is very quick and your details are not shared.


Fiestas remain the favourite vehicle choice of thieves. Not only to be stolen, but also to have parts stolen from and items from within. Alloy wheels should be secured using decent locking wheel nuts and also consider a 'tilt' activated alarm. In addition to wheels, spoilers and body kits are also being stolen. Our crime reduction officer has spoken to Ford and there are no plans to modify how these parts are secured, so owners need to consider other methods of security.


Rayleigh has a good night life and following the closure of venues in other towns, Rayleigh is getting busier. To address this officers are patrolling on foot on Friday and Saturday nights into the early hours of the following morning. We have already seen a reduction in incidents being reported.


The internet is full of useful crime reduction advice or you can contact our Crime Reduction Officer Emma Clark on 101 ext. 490533. We strongly urge you to improve your security in any way you can. Perhaps even create a neighbourhood watch scheme?

BUY A SAFE for your jewellery!!! Jewellery is still the most sought after item although ‘Apple’ products and laptops are also popular.

Smashing the glass on rear doors still seems to be the favoured method of entry.

Jewellery should be kept in a safe which does not necessarily have to cost as much as you think. In some cases valuable or sentimental items are stolen which would more than justify the relatively inexpensive purchase of a safe.
The best way to protect your home is with an alarm system. Adding an alarm really is worthwhile as it will deter a burglar from hanging around long enough to take lots of items or search your home. Other deterrents include: Dogs, PIR or low level lighting and gravel drives. UPVC doors especially those with an external handle should be secured by a key.


It is very difficult to prevent damage as they can be committed so quickly. The offences occur sporadically and all over the neighbourhood. Often these are committed without any warning or without reason.


Secure your vehicle and remove all valuable property.
Popular items to be stolen include; car number plates and wheels, designer sunglasses, SatNavs, money, wallets, keys and laptops! There isn't really a limit though as thieves will steal anything on offer. !!!WARNING - SATNAVs ARE NOT SAFE IN YOUR GLOVEBOX!!!


Police do not have any powers in relation to dealing with noise. Your Environmental Protection offices at Rochford District Council are charged with investigating matters of noise. In most circumstances the problem can easily be resolved by politely telling the person about it, if they do not know it is a problem they cannot deal with it. If after a reasonable amount of time nothing has been done to solve the problem, you can register your complaint. You can do this by completing the on-line form ‘make a complaint about a noise’ or if you require any further advice you may contact them by phone on 01702 318111 and ask for the Environmental Protection Unit, or e-mail

In some cases the noise may be a police matter under ‘anti-social behaviour’ for example a party being held on a regular basis when parents are away. Regular meetings are held between the police and District Council community safety department. If you are in any doubt or for more advice, please contact us.


If you would like to discuss crime or any other issue, please attend one of the Local Community Meetings. Dates and times are shown on the events tab.
The Meetings are for anyone that lives in, works in or visits Rayleigh or Rawreth. We would encourage you to attend to discuss any issues bothering you. If you cannot attend or don’t want to, please just email details or call the team 101 ext: 490535. Please check the events tab for more details and dates. PLEASE NOTE: on rare occasions, an officer may not be available to attend the meeting due to urgent operational commitments. However minutes are taken and passed on to the policing team.


The CSW scheme has been running for just over a year in Rayleigh & Rawreth. There are currently 9 recognised sites the volunteers can use. CSW is a partnership between the local community, local authority and Essex Police. Volunteers are trained to use speed detecting devices for the purpose of gathering data on motorists who are speeding. Volunteers are playing an integral part in improving the quality of life by reducing anti-social behaviour on the roads but also raising the awareness of the dangers of speeding.
If you would like to take part as a volunteer or to find out more details; please contact Cllr Ian Ward at Rayleigh Town Council on 01268 741880.


Do you have a working smoke alarm?? Have you ever discussed an emergency escape plan with your family - should a fire happen?? For further advice call Southend Fire station on 01702 614433.


To find out more information on whether your street is covered by Neighbourhood Watch, or how to start your own; please contact the NHW team at Rayleigh on 01268 770519.
NHW are now on FACEBOOK. Search for 'Rochford District Neighbourhood Watch' group.


Crimestoppers are an independent charity organisation and calls to them are anonymous. You can report information on; crimes, who is committing them, drug users & dealers, amongst other matters to 0800 555 111,

You can take action in a number of ways to help make your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit.

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