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Stansted Terminal South

Stansted Airport police station can be reached using the national non-emergency police number 101.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01245 491491 or use our direct line to the airport police station 01279 680298.

Welcome to the Stansted Terminal Neighbourhood Policing Team pages. We are committed to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit and will work with the community and our partners to tackle local problems. Stansted Terminal is part of the Stansted Airport District.

Essex Police has set up a plane enthusiasts scheme at Stansted Airport - more information and a short video about the scheme can be viewed here.

Below you’ll find the members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team and details of how to contact them.

Sean McHale

PC Sean McHale (Collar number 72416)

I have been a police officer for many years and, as the Neighbourhood Constable for Stansted Terminal South, my role involves solving problems in that area. I work closely with various agencies at the airport to forge links with the airport community and provide a visible and accessible police presence.

Contact details

Telephone: 101
Mobile: 07977 573169

Below you can read about the issues that you have made a priority in your neighbourhood. We aim to act on the issues that matter the most to you.

Local Priority


Aim to tackle anti-social behaviour in the terminal and airport area.

Raised on 14/12/2014


14 Dec 2014 - The following action plan will be followed in order to deter and prevent anti social behaviour: - ASB location hotspots will be identified and targetted patrols by NCT and Response officers will be completed. - Meetings will be completed with the management of organisations and individuals affected by increased incidents of ASB and a partnership approach will be adopted to address any issues raised. - Members of the NCT will work closely with organisations and individuals affected by increased incidents of ASB to ensure members of airport staff are able to deter, challange and report ASB.

Updated on 14/12/2014

Local Priority


Aim to reduce the number of thefts within the Airport area and deter and prevent criminal activity related to shoplifting.

Raised on 14/12/2014


Officers from the Divisional Response Team and Neighbourhood Crime Team to conduct overt patrols in and around the locations most affected by theft and kindred offences. 14th December 2014 - Continued proactive patrols by members of the Response Team and Neighbourhood Crime Team to deter, prevent and detect offences related to theft.

Updated on 14/12/2014

Local Priority


Aim to Deter and Prevent terrorist activity within the Divisional Area.

Raised on 14/12/2014


Members of the Neighbourhood Crime Team and Aviation Security Team in company with BAA security training staff will complete engagement with various sections of the community in order to deter and prevent terrorist activity. Inputs on Op Griffin and Project ARGUS to be completed. 14th Dec 2014 - Regular training of members of the community by officers from the Stansted Airport Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Updated on 14/12/2014

Listed below are a number of events we invite you to come along to. They’re an opportunity for you to meet the team and discuss any issues or concerns you have.

Crime statistics for your neighbourhood are available below along with resolutions to broader crime issues.

View crime statistics for this neighbourhood


Please see the below information which hopefully will help in preventing and deterring thefts and fraud within the Stansted Airport area.

To ensure a safe and crime free journey, please remember the following:

1.To ensure that you have locked the house and cancelled any milk or newspaper deliveries. If possible use timers to light the property during the evening.
2.Tell a family member where you are going and if possible ask them to visit the property during your absence.
3.Join the local neighbourhood watch if possible.
4.If you have an alarm on your property, give neighbours details of key holders.

At the Airport:
1.Please do not leave ANY valuables in your car when you park at the Airport, this includes mobile telephones and lap top computers.
2.Use the Airport car parks for parking. There is no other parking facility in any other area of the Airport. All areas of the airport are patrolled. Illegally parked vehicles will be removed.
3.Carry any valuables in hand luggage. Please remember that security is the prime concern of the Airport: Do NOT attempt to bring sharp instruments, including scissors and nail files through Security. Sharp items will be confiscated.
4.Always keep you baggage with you. Do not leave trolleys or baggage unsupervised.
5.Give yourself plenty of time to clear security.
6.If you see any suspicious activity or behaviour alert a member of Security staff or a Police Officer immediately.
7.Keep your boarding passes and passport secure.

When Abroad:
1.Ensure you have adequate travel insurance.
2.Place all valuables, including currency, passports, tickets, mobiles in safety deposit boxes.
3.Record your passports number in the event of loss or theft.
4.Record travellers cheque numbers.
5.Lock any valuables away in the hotel room.
6.Ensure relatives have a contact number for you in case of emergencies at home.
7.When out and about keep your possessions close by.
8.Try to avoid carrying large amounts of money around with you.
9.Do not give too much personal information to strangers.

As well as decreasing theft within the airport we also aim to deter and prevent terrorism activity. Keeping Stansted Airport safe is primarily delivered through our work to make the area hostile to terrorism, in any form that it may take. As well as our work with partner agencies and the business community, we encourage members of the public to report any behaviour that they consider suspicious.

Information can be passed via the Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321 or by calling the Stansted Airport Police Station on 01279680298 or 101.

You can take action in a number of ways to help make your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit.

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