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Welcome to the Grays Central Neighbourhood Policing Team pages. We are committed to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit and will work with the community and our partners to tackle local problems. Grays Central is part of the Thurrock District.

Andy Cayless

PC Andy Cayless (Collar number 443)

I'm Pc Andy Cayless and I am the Dedicated Neighbourhood constable for the Grays South/Grays Central and Chafford Hundred areas. I have been a uniformed constable since 1988 and I have worked in Grays for 13 years.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 EXT 364126

PCSO James Walker (Collar number 71858)

I have been employed as a PCSO for Essex Police since 2007. I have worked on various teams and departments on the division, including public protection and the Selecta DNA Project. I became a PCSO for Grays Central in September 2009. I am also a member of Grays town team. Please feel free stop me when you see me out and about, and I will be happy to help.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 364105
Mobile: 07812735482

PCSO Lisa Plastow (Collar number 71866)

I have worked for Essex police since 2007, I have previously covered the Orsett ward. I am the specific point of contact for "Bicycle marking", so please contact me for details regarding this.

Contact details

Mobile: 07812735482

Sergeant Rob Thompson (Collar number 432)

I am the current Neighbourhood Police Sergeant for the Grays Central and area. I have been with Essex Police since 2003,and have spent the previous 6 years on a response team in Tilbury. I look forward to a new challenge on this already well established neighbourhood team and hope that we can continue to improve our local residents safety and way of life. To do this we need your help, any information you can give us about criminality and anti-social behaviour in our area will be acted upon, and of course will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Please email your neighbourhood constable if you have any information or concerns.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 364104

Contact details:

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Mobile: 101
Mobile: 07812735482

Below you can read about the issues that you have made a priority in your neighbourhood. We aim to act on the issues that matter the most to you.

Local Priority


Burglary There has recently been an increase in the number of household burglaries across the Thurrock District. That being said, please be reassured that the number of burglaries in Thurrock are small, and that Thurrock as a district, and Essex as a county in general, is one of the safest to live in the UK

Raised on 01/06/2013


Decmber 2014 -We are obviously responding to this concern with a strong intelligence lead approach. Burglary is a nationwide trend with offences being reported more frequently. We have a county wide operation running in regards to household burglaries, this is under the heading of Operation Insight and on a daily basis we are deploying officers to identified areas. In support of this our Neighbourhood Policing Team are also concentrating on the prevention of burglaries, whereby we have been issuing ‘Burglary packs’ to neighbourhoods which have fallen victim to such a crime. These packs contain property marking kits as well as prevention and safety advice. We have previously made numerous arrests for burglary offences, including dwelling burglary, burglary other (other than a dwelling) and going equipped to commit a burglary. We are consistently getting results from proactive policing, and have dedicated routes for officers to carry out high visibility patrols in areas which have been affected by this type of offence. There are still covert patrols running in regards to the operations to combat this crime trend. We are still giving crime prevention advice and targeting known offenders. In November we made some arrests for burglary related offences, recovered items from burglaries and have gained intelligence to allow us to target known offenders. We have great results from our proactive team, with much of the results being burglary related. The team have made arrests for a variety of offences including Burglary, Going Equipped and other burglary related offences. We have a force wide burglary operation in place currently, Operation Insight. This includes daily tasks for officers and proactive policing. Between During November there were 4 dwelling burglaries on the Grays central ward reported. We noticed a new trend of burlars breaking rear windows of properties where keys were left in back doors to gain access. Please see Crime information for advice.

Updated on 30/11/2014

Local Priority


We have recently seen an increase in vehicle crime, both of theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles. We are noticing a trend in the types of vehicles targeted and the property that is being taken, such as satellite navigation systems and catalytic converters.

Raised on 01/01/2014


December 2014-Vehicle crime is currently high across the nation; we have a specialised team of officers dedicated to the detection and prevention of these offences, running alongside our NPT teams who are focused on this issue. We are dealing with this problem in the most robust manner appropriate, and are taking a proactive approach to prevention as well as investigating offences. These teams carry out covert patrols as well as high visibility policing. We have in previous months had many successful results, with numerous arrests, detections, intelligence reports, stop and accounts, recovery of vehicles and parts such as vehicle index plates. A certain amount of theft of vehicles has unfortunately been due to vehicles not being made secure. We urge people to be more security conscious and to not leave vehicles unlocked, and with nothing valuable left in them where possible, and items hidden if it is a necessity to leave items in vehicles. If you are leaving your vehicle anywhere overnight try to ensure it is in a well-lit area and if at all possible near to CCTV. Please see the Crime information part of this site or contact one of our officers for advice. During November, the Grays Central ward had 6 vehicle crime offences reported.

Updated on 30/11/2014

Street Meet

Date:22nd December 2014 10:00 - 11:00
Where:All Cures Pharmacy,
High street,
Extra Info:Come along and meet PCSO Walker who will be here to chat about local issues and discuss any concerns you have.
Contact:Mobile: 07812735482

Street Meet

Date:22nd December 2014 11:00 - 12:00
Where:Thurrock council offices,
New road,
Extra Info:Come along and meet PCSO Plastow, who will be available to chat about local issues and answer any questions you may have regarding your area.
Contact:Mobile: 07812735482

Local Community Meeting

Date:23th December 2014 14:00 - 16:00
Where:Belmont Village Hall
Parker road
Extra Info:Community meeting for residents of Grays South, Grays North, Grays East and Grays Central at which PC 443 Andy Cayless and PC 73564 Brian Sargent will be present along with a team Sergeant, yet to be announced . Items for discussion are: 1. Crime and ASB figures. 2. Community Issues / tensions. 3. Local priority updates / Setting & agreeing new local priorities. 4. Events & Services (ie bike marking, crime prevention days, e-safety seminars etc) 5. Good news stories 6. Anti social behaviour, Questions & Answers.
Contact:Mobile: 07866543494

Street Meet

Date:29th December 2014 11:00 - 12:00
Where:Grays beach cafe
Grays beach Park
Thames road
Extra Info:Come along and meet PCSO Plastow, who will be available to chat about local issues and answer any questions you may have regarding your area.
Contact:Mobile: 07812735482


December 2014

Burglary is still one of our biggest issues, although as a district we have seen this decrease recently. We continue to run several operations to tackle all aspects of this issue, including the force wide operation “Insight”. Due to this new regularly have intelligence led designated patrol routes by high visibility uniformed officers, as well as covert patrols in relevant areas. During October the Grays central ward suffered 4 dwelling burglaries.
Avoid being a burglary victim. Let's make life difficult for the burglar. There are a number of steps you can take to help prevent your home being burgled and avoid the distress of having your treasured possessions stolen, here are a few we recommend:
Consider fitting a timer switch which will turn your lights on when you are not at home, and consider leaving a radio on for background noise.
Fit dusk to dawn security lighting.
Have an alarm fitted and service it regularly.
Look at the boundaries of your property and keep hedges short and trimmed.
Neighbours - support each other and keep an eye on vulnerable or elderly neighbours.
Immediately report any suspicious incidents to the police.
Mark valuable items (which belong to you) with your postcode.
Ensure pedal cycles are chained up or locked away in secure sheds/garages.
Keep sheds and garages secure with a good locking device and consider installing an alarm on these if you store any equipment of value.
Keep all tools hidden from sight whether they are in vehicles or sheds.
Remember burglaries can occur when people leave their premises insecure. Don't let yourself become a victim. Always remember to lock your door with the key when you are going out and before you go to bed at night and please keep the key close by at night in case of an emergency.
During hours of darkness we strongly recommend increasing the safety of your property by using timers on light switches, external security lights and motion detection lights.
If you need crime prevention or home security advice, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details on this site so we can arrange a suitable date and time for us to attend your address.
Please take a look at our Be Safe section of our website which will give you handy tips and advice about how to keep you and your property safe.
As the clocks have just gone back, we are heading into longer periods of darkness, which gives burglars added cover. Please consider motion sensor lighting, CCTV and leaving internal lights on at home if out during darkness hours. For free security advice on your property please contact us for an appointment.

Due to the spike in Burglary offences over the Christmas period, we would also give the following advice:
Watch your bins: Burglars may look inside your bins to find evidence of purchases, such as boxes or delivery packaging.
Christmas trees: Whilst they look festive with presents underneath them, try not to display your purchases to burglars.
Garages: These are ideal to hide gifts away, but easier to break in to than a property.
Any high value items you buy which have serial numbers/IME's etc, note these down and keep the list safe in case of a theft, as this makes the items traceable. Keep receipts for all items purchased safe also.

Vehicle crime in Thurrock is still a priority issue, both theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles. To tackle this issue we have implemented increased high visibility patrols in the hot spot areas, as well as operation Bedwin to deal with this, so please ensure that you keep your vehicles secure and ensure that you take all of your valuables out of your vehicles and especially do not leave anything of value on view. If you witness any suspicious behaviour please call us so that we can attempt to combat this problem. Please also ensure that you check your number plates on a regular basis as there is an increase in thefts of number plates.
You can help stop vehicle crime in our area by ensuring your vehicle is always locked and if it has an alarm it is in full working order.
Please ensure that all valuables are out of sight when leaving your vehicle, satellite navigation systems are easy to steal from a car if they are left on show, as are all small items such as mobile phones and MP3 players.
If you are having problems or you are a victim of crime please report it. If we do not hear from you, we cannot help you.
We are noticing a trend in the types of vehicles targeted and the property that is being taken, such as satellite navigation systems and catalytic converters.
We strongly recommend parking your vehicle in a locked garage or as near to a light as possible, either street lighting or security/motion detection lights on driveways.
Operation Bedwin, our vehicle crime operation, has so far been extremely successful in parts of Thurrock, and has had some good results from our proactive team.
There are other local operations targeting a range of issues including vehicle crime, Burglary, Drugs and Anti-Social-Behaviour.

As an added precaution over the Christmas period, we advise that no items of value are left in vehicles, and if when out shopping, if you are taking items back to your vehicle for storage, it is advisable to move your vehicle where practical so that to anyone watching it appears you are leaving the area.

If you would like any further advice, or have anything else you would like to discuss with our team please contact us on the details given on the "Contact" link.

You can take action in a number of ways to help make your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit.

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