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Essex Police and Essex County Council join forces in new campaign

Essex Police and Essex County Council have joined forces to urge Essex residents to take simple steps to prevent themselves falling foul of the opportunistic criminal.

Focusing on burglary and theft from vehicles, a campaign launched today, Monday, January 28, urges residents to remember to lock windows and doors before leaving the house, and to remember to remove all valuables from view before leaving the car.

The campaign is particularly focused on the areas of Basildon, Harlow, and Epping Forest, after research showed these areas historically suffer from increased levels of burglary during the period between January and March.

During the first three months of 2012, there were 304 burglaries across the Basildon district, 260 in the Epping Forest district and 154 in the Harlow district.
Residents are being reminded to take simple precautions to safeguard their property. By remembering to lock doors and windows before leaving the house or by removing a sat nav from a vehicle before locking your vehicle make your property far less inviting for opportunistic criminals.
The campaign further enforces the work being done by Essex Police under Operation Nemesis, which has sought to bring burglars to justice and prevent further offences occurring.
Supt Luke Collison, said: “Essex Police through Operation Nemesis has successfully been targeting burglary across the county since August 2012. Our aim is to put the fear back on the burglar and send a clear message to anyone intent on committing burglary in Essex that we will do everything in our power to arrest you and bring you to justice.

“Today we are also asking residents to do everything they possibly can to reduce their chances of falling victim of this despicable crime. By remembering a few simple steps people can significantly reduce their chances of becoming victims of burglary or vehicle crime.”
Essex County Councillor John Jowers, Cabinet Member for Communities and Planning said, “This campaign is a chance to remind our residents of the simple steps they can take to prevent themselves from becoming victims of crime. But ensuring that doors are locked and valuables are hidden away, it makes it difficult for opportunistic thieves.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Nick Alston, said: “Many burglaries are opportunistic: the criminal sees an unlit property, notices an open window or tries a handle and finds that a door is unlocked. By taking a few simple precautions to keep our home secure, we can all reduce our chances of being victims of burglary.”

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