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Behave or be Banned

Operators and managers of bars, pubs and nightclubs have always been able to refuse entry to problematic people.

Behave Or Be Banned (BOBB) is a scheme through which Pubwatch groups can work in partnership with police to make the process more effective. 

BOBB was originally a police initiative but it is now owned and operated by Pubwatch groups, supported by the police when operated within the terms of a formal protocol

Under the scheme a Pubwatch committee might ban an individual from entering one of their members' venues for up to two years. 

If a Pubwatch asks them to do so the police can issue Interim Banning Notices on their behalf to people that have been arrested for certain offences committed in connection with licensed premises. 

At the end of November 2011 there were nearly 600 licensed premises involved with an Essex BOBB scheme and more than 300 people were subject of a current ban.

Sgt Matt Bell, Substance Misuse Coordinator at Essex Police HQ said, "BOBB works.  It's not uncommon to see people more concerned about whether they can get into the pub with their friends than they are about being arrested.

"Pubwatch members won't tolerate antisocial behaviour in their premises and BOBB keeps such people out, making it safer and more enjoyable for everyone else". 


Pubwatch is cooperative venture in which those involved in the management of pubs, clubs and other licensed venues work in partnership with local businesses and statutory agencies such as police, local authorities, fire and Trading Standards. 

Each partner brings its own issues for Pubwatch members to collectively address, for example for the police it is primarily the prevention, reduction and detection of crime and disorder.

Pubwatch is a nationally recognised initiative operated at a local level according to local need.  Each Pubwatch has a management structure and their objectives may vary from group to group although in general the focus is on making the use of members premise and the broader night time economy a safer and more enjoyable experience for all. 

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