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Drink spiking

Drink spiking is when mind altering substances like drugs and alcohol are added to your drink without you knowing.

It can affect the way you behave but how severe the symptoms are depend on what was used to spike your drink and how much alcohol you’ve consumed.

There are many reasons why someone might spike your drink but the most common are merely for amusement or to commit sexual assault, rape or theft.

But that doesn’t mean women are the only ones at risk. Men are too. In fact almost 11 per cent of people who report having their drinks spiked are male.

Essex is a safe county but if your drink is spiked we encourage you to report it to us regardless of who did and for what reason.

How do I report drink spiking?

If you think your drink has been spiked, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Try not to let your drink disappear because it may become evidence. Instead, find the manager, explain what’s happened and ask him or her to hold on to it.

If you decide to report the incident, try to do so within 12 hours or a maximum of 24 hours if that’s not possible.

An officer will need to ask you some questions so please be prepared to answer them. Although they may seem intrusive, they’re an important part of our investigation.

Depending on how long ago the incident happened you may also be asked to provide some forensic samples and agree to a medical examination.

What can I do to avoid being spiked?

Essex is a safe county. Thousands of people enjoy nights out here but staying alert will help keep you safe.

Follow our advice to reduce the risk of getting your drink spiked:
  • Tell someone you know where you’re going and what time you expect to get home.
  • Avoid going out for the evening alone.
  • Alcohol makes you less alert so be sensible about how much you drink.
  • Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know.
  • Never leave your drink unattended. Take it with you if you can or appoint a friend as your drink watcher.
  • If your drink has been moved, has been topped up or tastes strange, don’t trust it. Order a replacement.
  • Plan how you are going to get home and stick to it. Think very carefully before going off with someone you’ve just met.
  • Don’t assume soft drinks won’t get spikes – they do.

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