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External security

Try not to neglect the areas surrounding your premises – they’re equally as important as the building itself.

The perimeter, including car parks and paths around your premises, is the first line of defence so you’ll need to think about measures to deter or delay criminals. Your staff will also want to feel safe coming to and from the office.

Car parks

Make sure your car park is well lit, visible from your premises and safe to access.

You may want to think about applying for the Safer Parking award, Park Mark. This award is given to car parks and operators that have measures in place to help prevent crime.

Park Mark shows customers the car park has been vetted by police and the operator is doing everything they can to help.

It’s a good idea to ask staff driving company cars to use these car parks when they’re out on business too. You can find a list of car parks with the award on the Park Mark website.


CCTV in car parks and areas surrounding your buildings will help deter intruders and keep your staff safe.

However CCTV, whether internal or external, must be registered and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. For a code of practice visit the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

You’ll also find up to date information on design and operational requirements on the Home Office website.

The Home Office has produced a useful guide to help small businesses select a CCTV system.

Unfortunately many CCTV images supplied to police do not prove to be useful for a number of reasons. Often it’s because the recorded image is either of poor quality or too small to identify the suspect or it’s because the cameras were put in the wrong locations to be of any real use.

Developing a well thought out operational requirement for the cameras and recording capability is essential if you want your system to give you a return on your investment.

For more information and advice please email us via [email protected]


Good lighting is essential but needs to be positioned properly. Well positioned lights can help deter intruders and create a safe environment, but lights fitted in the wrong place can give thieves a helping hand.

Fences, walls and gates

Fences, walls and gates can help keep intruders away from your premises but can be easily climbed if you don’t choose wisely.

If you choose a mesh wire fence make sure the mesh is small enough to stop people getting a grip to climb up and think about using anti-climb paint on walls. If you are considering installing electric fences or topping walls with razor wire you must seek legal advice.

Use sturdy padlocks on gates to keep intruders out. Choose locks which conform to European Standard EN12320 and cylinders to EN1303 grades 4-6

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