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Children and young people

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is when a young person is used by being made or tricked into doing something sexual sometimes receiving something in return like love, affection, money, drugs or alcohol.

Want some advice or someone to talk to?

It’s ok to talk to someone. Exploitation is never your fault, even if you went along with things at first.  Abusers are very clever in the way they manipulate children and young people.   It is not ok for someone to expect you or your friends to do things that you don’t want to. If things don’t feel right then speak to someone about it.

For help or advice you can contact:

Say Something

For more information visit:


Free, confidential 24-hour helpline that offers support for any kind of problem.
Tel: 0800 1111

Other useful links and videos

If you are worried that you or someone else might be at immediate risk then call Essex Police on 999

To report something you think doesn't feel right contact Essex Police on 101

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