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Herbert Protocol

Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme which is being introduced in Essex by Essex Police, in partnership with other agencies, including Alzheimer’s Society, Essex Search and RescueEssex County Council and the unitary authorities of Thurrock and Southend. The scheme encourages carers to complete a form compiled of useful information, which could be used in the event of a vulnerable person with dementia going missing.

The form contains questions for carers, family members or friends to complete in advance, recording all vital details, including medication required, mobile numbers, places previously located or attended, a photograph, associates, daily routine etc. In the event of a person with dementia going missing, the form can be easily handed to the police to reduce the time taken in gathering the relevant information, and assist with a quick time focussed response to the missing person.

The Herbert Protocol initiative is named after George Herbert, a war veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia.

The completed form will be the responsibility of the family or carer to keep it regularly updated with any new, relevant information, such as a change in medication.

Form tips

The form is downloadable from our web site as a PDF document.  We recommend that you save this document to your device and then open it with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  Here, you can print the document and fill in the form by hand with a pen. Alternatively, the form can be filled in on your device by clicking inside each of the form fields and typing using your keyboard.  Use the 'Tab' key to advance to the next form field.  You can 'Save As' a copy of the form at any time to your device and retreive it at a later date.

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