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Making a statement

Your officer will help you make a detailed statement about what has happened. This will help officers with their investigations and may be used later in court.

If a suspect is in custody we may need to take a statement or conduct a video interview sooner rather than later. However if you are feeling tired, your officer will probably suggest you get some rest first.

You should try to recall as many details of the assault as you can but it’s not unusual for people to remember additional details at a later date which can be used to support their initial account

Once again it’s important to be honest. Remember you are not to blame and we are not here to judge you.


If you’re worried about being identified, you don’t need to be.

The law protects you from this by giving anonymity to victims of sexual attacks for their lifetime.

No information likely to lead to your identification as a victim can be published. This includes your name, address, photograph, school, workplace or any other details that could cause you to be identified.

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