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Preparing for RiZe Festival

The chances of becoming a victim of crime at the RiZe Festival are small but you can do your bit to help by planning ahead and doing your research.

Pack light!

The best piece of advice we can give you is to pack light - if you don't need it at the festival, leave it at home.

Taking less will mean you won't have so much to carry and you'll be less of a target for thieves.

Leave your new smartphone at home. Put your sim card into an old phone and take that instead. The same goes for cameras - buy a cheap disposable to take snaps of your friends rather than taking an expensive one. You won't need your iPad or MP3 player either.

Charge your phone battery before you leave for the festival.

If you really must take expensive items with you, take a note of their serial and model numbers first. If they do get stolen, this will help police trace them back to you as the owner.

Similarly, for your phone, note down the IMEI number by keying *#06# into the handset. This means your service provider will be able to cancel the handset if it's stolen, making it completely useless to the thief.

Think about downloading an anti-theft app on your smartphone and tablet. There are lots to chose from - some will allow you to remotely lock a stolen phone, let off a loud alarm to help find it or erase any pesonal information from your handset.

Register expensive belongings on the Immobilise database so they can be returned to you if they are stolen and later found.

Think about security marking your stuff with your name and postcode using a special UV pen too. If you'd rather not do that, decorate your belongings to make them look personal and less attractive to thieves.

Please don't be alarmed by our advice. RiZe Festival is a very safe event but by planning ahead you can help make it an even safer one.

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