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Tickets and ticket touts

Getting tickets to see your favourite bands can sometimes be a tricky business.

Tickets go fast and it can be tempting to buy from unofficial ticket and auction sites or from touts.

These fake wristbands are ones which in previous years have been spotted at the gates by security.

Essex Police is warning anyone who has not yet purchased tickets not to buy any through ticket touts, vendors or unauthorised website traders.

If you divulge your debit or credit card details to the wrong people you could find yourself out of pocket and without a genuine ticket to show for it.

Ticket touting will not be tolerated at the festival and anyone found to be selling will be prosecuted.

A list of official ticket outlets is available on the RiZe Festival website.

So-called legal highs 

Legal highsIt is illegal to distribute 'legal highs' or Novel Psychoactive Substances, including nitrous oxide.

Essex Police has a zero-tolerance approach to such substances and anyone found to be selling these at the festival is likely to find themselves under arrest.


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