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Caravan security

When you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday with family and friends it’s easy to let security slip your mind.

You wouldn’t leave your home insecure when you go away so treat your caravan the same way.

The same advice applies to when your caravan isn't in use and is parked at home. So whether it’s parked on a caravan site or on your driveway, remember your caravan could be a target for thieves.

Outsmart them by following the tips from our Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor in the video above and the more detailed advice below:

  • Make sure your caravan can’t be towed away. Always immobilise it however long you plan to stop for. Use good quality heavy duty chains, hitch locks and clamps to secure your caravan.
  • Lock doors and windows and take the keys with you when you leave the caravan. Don’t forget to lock your roof light and gas compartment too.
  • Have a reliable alarm fitted and set it every time you leave the caravan.
  • Remember to remove anything valuable and, if you are not planning to use the caravan for some time, leave curtains and cupboard doors open - thieves can be put off by a caravan that is obviously empty.
  • Fit lockable wheel nuts.
  • Never leave personal or valuable items on display inside the caravan, particularly mobile phones, laptops, cash, credit or debit cars and private mail.
  • At home, keep caravan keys in a safe place out of sight from windows and doors
  • Think about security marking the personal belongings inside the caravan. You can mark valuable items with your name and postcode using a UV pen available from most large stationers. The mark is invisible until it is viewed under a UV lamp.
  • You could also think about forensic marking. This involves using a colourless liquid solution which gives your property a unique chemical code. The solution can’t be seen by the naked eye and is very difficult to remove but glows under a UV light allowing police to detect it. Forensic marking providers include Selecta DNA, Smartwater and Red Web.
  • Never leave vehicle registration documents inside the caravan as they could help a thief sell it on.
  • Think about fitting a tracking device. This can help police track your caravan if it is stolen.
  • All caravans manufactured in the UK since 1992 have a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) etched into the vehicle chassis and windows. Write your vehicle identification number (VIN) in several hidden places in your caravan. You can use a permanent marker to write the VIN inside a cupboard or drawer for example.

For more information and advice download the Steer Clear of Caravan Crime leaflet or contact The Caravan Club, a national organisation offering crime prevention advice on 01342 326944.

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