To apply for a firearm or shotgun licence, read this information carefully as it has recently changed and then download the appropriate form from the ‘Downloads’ section below.

As of the 1st Nov 2019, applications for a new shotgun, firearms or explosive license, will be required to provide a GP report which verifies their medical history against the relevant conditions as necessary in Q.10 on the application form. You must download and have your GP complete the GP pro forma before submitting an application. You should submit your GP pro forma with Form 201 (Grant or renewal of a firearm or shotgun certificate).

This will also apply to all applications to renew a shotgun, firearms or explosive license after the 1st Feb 2020.

Before submitting your application, please check you have:

• Obtained and submitted a GP Report (which must include the GPs name, signature and surgery stamp)
• Completed the application form in full, paying particular attention to section C- Offences. You are required to include any police warnings, police cautions, fixed penalty notices and any convictions including any spent convictions.
• Signed and dated the application form
• Included one photograph
• Paid the correct fee – please do not send cash in the post
Applications received with any of the above information missing will not be processed.

Download and print the required form, (it cannot be saved for later), and complete by hand. Please check you have signed it and enclosed the necessary items before sending:

  • completed application form
  • one photograph
  • the appropriate fee

Please ensure all correspondence is sent to:

FSEL Section
Essex Police Headquarters
PO Box 2

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Online using internet banking services
  • Banking applications on mobile devices
  • Telephone banking
  • By visiting the local branch of your bank and either paying at the counter or via a self-service machine

Please note that Essex Police cannot currently accept debit or credit card payments on our own website.

During a short transition period, we can continue to accept payments by cheque, be made payable to ‘Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex’. After this transition period, we will only accept the payment methods listed above.

All payments should be made to the Essex Police Firearms account:

  • Sort code: 30-80-12
  • Account number: 17669368

Please ensure all payments include a 16 character reference in the following format to ensure the payment can be matched up with your application:

This stands for Firearms Shotguns and Explosive Licensing and forms the first 4 characters.

First initial of applicant's first name (5th character)

First five letters of applicant's surname (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th characters)

The applicant's date of birth (six number format DDMMYY)

David Johnson born on 1st of November 1972 would be:
FSELDJOHNS011172 (a total of 16 characters)

Please write this reference number on the top of your application form.

Please note: if you don't include the reference in the right format, this will delay your application. 

Firearm certificates

Grant of firearm certificate £88
Renewal of firearm certificate £62
Variation of a firearm certificate (other than when it is renewed at the same time) to increase the number of firearms to which the certificate relates £20
Replacement of a firearm certificate lost or destroyed £4

Shotgun certificates

Grant of a shotgun certificate £79.50
Renewal of a shotgun certificate £49
Replacement of a shotgun certificate lost or destroyed £4

Coterminous certificates

Firearms and shotgun certificates valid for the same dates

Coterminous grants £90
Coterminous renewal £65

Visitors' permits

Individual visitor's permit £20
Group visitors' permit (groups of six or more valid for the same dates) £100

Registered firearms dealers

Registration or renewal £200
Additional premises £13

We aim to complete all applications within 8 weeks from the date of receipt, subject to all the relevant information being provided at that time.

Priority will be given to renewal applications received within 28 days of the postal date of your renewal letter.

For those applications not received within 8 weeks it is likely that your certificate(s) will not be renewed prior to their expiry and you will therefore be required to lodge your firearms with a registered firearm dealer or another certificate holder, before your certificate(s) expire.

Any costs incurred in relation to the lodging of firearms, shotguns, Section 1 ammunition and certificated explosives will be at a certificate holder's own expense.

It must be noted that any certificate holder who has not submitted their renewal application within the above time limit and who does not transfer their firearms before the expiry of their certificates(s) will be liable to prosecution and it is likely that their certificate(s) will not be renewed.

Visitors' permits

Applications for visitors' firearms or shotgun permits must be submitted with the following documentation for each visitor:

  • European Union (EU) Visitors - copy of European Firearms Pass (EFP)
  • Non EU Visitors - either copies of current valid Firearm or Shotgun Licences, or the equivalent of a local Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check from their country

Currently it is not possible to submit these forms electronically. Faxed, photocopied or scanned copies of documents are acceptable. Where copies are not enclosed the permits will not be issued.

Applications for a Visitor’s Permit should be made at least 8 weeks prior to arrival in this Country. We cannot guarantee the issue of a visitors permit with less than 8 weeks notice.

Registering as a firearms dealer

If your business is connected with the buying, selling, manufacturing, testing or repairing of firearms, shotguns or ammunition you are required to register as a firearms dealer. This allows you to be in possession of firearms, shotguns or ammunition as part of your business without the need to comply with the requirements of a firearm or shotgun certificate in relation to notifications of acquisitions or, in the case of firearms, the need to obtain specific authorisation before you acquire them.

If you attend a game fair or agricultural show outside of the police area where your business is registered you have to register with the police for that area using Form 116.

If another place of business is required in the same area as your primary registered firearms dealer (RFD) certificate then Form 116a - Additional Premises application will need to be submitted. There is no fee for additional places of business in the same police area.

A medical declaration is not required if the person making the application holds a valid firearm and/or shotgun certificate and their medical circumstances have not changed during the validity of the certificate.

Apply for shooting club approval

All applications for shooting club approval (new or renewal) should be submitted directly to the Home Office. This applies to all clubs in England and Wales. Applications will only be accepted by the Home Office, and should no longer be sent directly to the police.

Once your application has been submitted, the Home Office we will review it to determine if it is valid and, if so, pass it to the police force, who will then make necessary enquiries before sending the application back to the Home Office for consideration. If you do not provide sufficient information and supporting evidence your application is likely to be rejected as invalid and will need to be resubmitted.

Click here to apply online.

Artificial target shooting

If you are applying to approve a site to enable persons who are not shotgun certificate holders to shoot at artificial targets, such as Clay Pigeon shoots, please complete the 'Application for a Section 11(6) Authority' form below.