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Service Delivery Targets

PLEASE NOTE – due to the extremely high volume of work within Firearms Licensing at this time, the Service Delivery Targets previously set are not able to be met. We are working very hard to rectify this and thank you for your patience in the matter.

Should your current certificate expire on or after 1/1/2017, provided you have submitted your renewal application and certain criteria are met, Essex Police will automatically issue you with a new certificate. If you declare a medical condition which may be of concern, your application is assessed prior to the issue of any certificate and if deemed unsuitable you will be advised that any guns will need to be appropriately lodged prior to the certificate expiry date.

Certificates which expired on or before 31/12/2016 should already have a Temporary Permit and we have systems in place to ensure that these are monitored during the renewal process to ensure that no-one is left in illegal possession of their gun(s).

Essex Police have already implemented a Postal Renewal Process for shotgun and firearms certificate holders with robust processes in place to ensure that all renewal cases are assessed based upon information and intelligence derived from information held within police systems, from medical information and also from referee testimony. Postal Renewal’s will only be permitted in cases where a full risk assessment indicates no identifiable risk. Otherwise a personal visit from our Firearms Enquiry Officer will be required.

The implementation of Postal Renewals will improve efficiency, and improve the service we provide to the shooting community.

If there is no concern for public safety or with regard to firearms, doubt over the fitness of the applicant and they fulfil the legislative criteria including:

  • the relevant application form is fully completed honestly and accurately
  • a signed and dated photograph for each application
  • send a cheque or postal order for the correct amount payable to The Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex  

Essex Police will endeavour to process the application within the following timescales from the date of receipt of the completed application:

Grant of a firearm or a shot gun certificate
*40+ weeks

Renewal of a firearm or shot gun certificate (including variation to acquire additional firearms)
16 weeks (from the date of the expiry of the previous certificate). Please note: a temporary permit will be issued which will last for 6 months from the expiry of the old certificate. This will cover the certificate holder during the renewal process.

Change of address
8 weeks

'One for one' variation on an identical or similar calibre
4-5 weeks

'One for one' variation on none identical or similar calibres and amendment of certificates for additional 'good reason' or use
10-12 weeks

Grant or renew a European Firearms Pass (Note: This can only be issued to the expiry dates of a valid FAC or SGC)
1 week

Issue a temporary permit (Section 7), providing any delay is due to Police
1 week

* the time scale is longer for a grant due to DVLA enquiries and possibly Interpol enquiries

If your application is within the timeframe shown above, please do not telephone or email our office. A high volume of enquiries prevents us from processing work efficiently.

To aid applicants with the above, we send out renewal packs three months prior to the expiry of the certificate. This includes the application forms and notes for guidance which can also be downloaded here.

Unfortunately we cannot make a commitment for Visitors Firearms or Shot Gun Permits as there is a requirement to undertake checks with Interpol.

Applicants are requested to give as much lead time as possible with such applications.


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