In Attendance:

Board Members

Mr M. Gilmartin Delegated Scheme manager
Mr K. Kirby Deputy Chair, Head of Pension Governance & Compliance
Mr M. Cronin Superintendents Association
Ms D. Martin Chief Finance Officer
Mr P. Squires Essex JBB

Advisors to Board

Mr J. Stonestreet Payroll / Pensions Manager
Mr D. Golding Pensions Essex County Council


Ms L Heggie Chair

Item 1 – Conflict of interest – No declarations.


Item 2 -   Previous minutes

  • CFO top up paper produced and to be included in next meeting
  • Training evaluation – No members signalling request for additional training
  • GMP reconciliation- Awaiting response from NPCC.


Item 3 – Scheme Manager Appointments

Ms L. appointed in lieu of vacancy re Mr S. Taylor. 

Resolved – Mr Kirby to issue induction pack.

Item 4 – Breaches of Law procedure

No breaches reported.


Item 5 – PSAB Update

  • Remedy not expected until 2021/22 consequently no implementation action to apply and monitor.
  • NPCC are liaising with the Home Office re police service funding concern. It was noted the NPCC have formally raised with the Policing Minister.
  • Leigh Day have sent refreshed data which has been passed to legal Services and the Pension Administrator.
  • The Home Office are intending to issue a further statement within the next two months which can be published. This will include the Government consultation on new scheme

Resolved – Board members noted current status.

Item 6 – Public Services Pension Act 2013 section 249B

Internal Controls Framework. (Includes cyber review plan) 

The Board reviewed the risk framework. Key areas of concern were;

  • COVID 19 – Chair thanked the Pension Administrator for adopting and adapting to COVID 19 working including prioritising as per the Pension Regulator guidance. In response to CETV it was noted there were no breaches or outstanding cases.
  • Contributions have been paid but confirmation of exact amounts for last financial year to are confirmed by CFO.
  • Cyber risk- No serious issues identified, the Chief Information Officer to advise the board on any tentative steps taken or proposed as a result of the last cyber risk paper presented to the Board in March 2020.
  • Auto- enrolment – Update given. The Delegated Scheme Manager voiced some concern regarding the communication strategy and asked the CFO to ensure there was oversight and monitoring.
  • The Delegated Scheme Manager noted the position re publishing information and would take the issue forward with Media.
  • The Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006 – Regulation 37 review – Board consultation now completed, the issue for determination is when does the Scheme Manager wish to commence review ? The principle of requirement to conduct reviews is contained within the regulations. The Scheme Manager will review with the Delegated Scheme Manager/ Head of Pension Governance & Compliance  once the Staffs Police appeal case outcome is known.

Resolved- Delegated Scheme Manager, CFO, CIO to confirm actions for next Board.

Approved Chairman:

K. Kirby

Date: July 2020