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In Attendance:

Board Members

  • Mr M. Gilmartin Delegated Scheme Manager
  • Mr K. Kirby Deputy Chair, Head of Pension Governance & Compliance
  • Mr L. Heggie Essex JBB
  • Ms D. Martin Chief Finance Officer
  • Mr P. Squires Essex JJB
  • Mr M. Cronin Superintendents Association

Advisors to Board

  • Mr J. Stonestreet Payroll / Pensions Manager
  • Mr D. Golding Technical Manager Essex County Council

Item 1 – Conflict of Interest

No declarations. Declarations of interest for the register to be completed and returned within the next two weeks by board members.


Item 2 -   Previous minutes

No matters arising


Item 3 – Scheme Manager Appointments

No new appointments.


Item 4 – The Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006

Consultation with Board members is now complete including adoption of amendments including age 65 plus exemption . It was agreed that the Delegated Scheme Manager should also consult NARPO on the proposals (mechanics not regulatory requirement).


1. Delegated Scheme Manager to share proposals (mechanics not regulatory requirement) with NARPO and seek feedback.

Item 5 – Breaches of Law Procedure

no new cases reported

Item 6 – PSAB Update – Pension Challenge

Government responses to consultation have been published.

NPCC and Scheme Managers are now waiting for the specific regulatory change to be issued by government. At this point it is envisaged there will be a need for detailed comms.

The Home Office Immediate Detriment Guidance has been implemented.

The Pension Administrator will provide a portal link to the Government responses.

Board members noted the option was Deferred option.

Board members also noted the period proposed between October 2022 and 2023 as the implementation period for remedy cases that already had benefits crystallised i.e. retired officers.

Resolved – Board members noted current status.

Item 7 – Public Services Pension Act 2013 section 249B Internal Controls Framework.

The Board reviewed the risk framework.

  • Leavers and new entrants current.
  • Data Issue - Monthly data cuts now implemented.


Item 8 - Deceased Benefits

Board members discussed the extent of current measures and recommended a proposal on administrative measures that could be adopted between ECC and payroll & pensions to strengthen the administration arrangements and reduce risk of fraud.

Resolved – ECC / payroll & pensions to put a proposal to the Board.

Item 9 -Scheme Evaluation

Board members noted the current position re data sent by 31st December 2020.

Minutes Approved

Signed Chair Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby
Pension Governance & Compliance