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Profiles - Police officers

Police officer recrtuiment

We have officers from all different backgrounds in a variety of roles protecting and serving the communities of Essex. Find out why our officers Fit The Bill in the profiles below.

  • Local Policing Teams

    Taks ShahInsp Taks Shah - Local Policing Team

    From project resourcing to law enforcing

    Taks went from managing projects to managing police officers as a Police Inspector. He is proud to put on his uniform every day after looking up to his Dad who served in the Army.

    Read more about Taks.

    Kayleigh WebsterSgt Kayleigh Webster - Local Policing Team

    From Liverpool Street to working on the beat

    Sergeant Kayleigh Webster worked for a corporate insurance company in London but wanted a role that helped people. She started her role in Essex Police as a call handler and became a Special Constable before becoming a regular.

    Read more about Kayleigh.

    Taks ShahPc Alfie McPhilimey - Local Policing Team

    From 9-5 to feeling alive

    Being a police officer is in Alfie’s blood, his Dad was in the police and Alfie was inspired from a young age to follow his footsteps. When the opportunity arose Alfie gave up his job in a toy shop to join the force for a more exciting career. 

    Read more about Alfie.

    Georgina DayPc Georgina Day - Local Policing Team

    From the classroom to the briefing room

    Former student Georgina completed college and applied to become a police officer. Now based at the Essex Police College, Georgina has studied the law and everything needed to become a Police Constable. 

    Read more about Georgina.

    Karis AkermanPc Karis Akerman - Local Policing Team

    From finger painting to fingerprinting  

    Karis went from working with children to living her childhood dream as a police officer. She applied online and after completing her course at the Essex Police College at the end of June, she will be posted to her local beat.

    Read more about Karis.

    Kelly JacksonPc Kelly Jackson - Local Policing Team

    From fixing plugs to chasing thugs  

    Former Electrician Kelly applied online to become a police officer because it was something she had always wanted to do. She loves that she is able to help the community and people in need.

    Read more about Kelly.

    Matt HughesPc Matt Hughes - Local Policing Team

    From ringing up tills to a life of more thrills

    As a child, Matt dreamed of becoming a police officer when he grew up. After a short career in retail, he pursued his dream and enjoys life on the beat. 

    Read more about Matt.

    Rebecca PentneyPc Rebecca Pentney - Local Policing Team

    From exercising the body to exercising the law

    Rebecca worked as a PE teacher and fitness instructor but was always interested in a career in policing to make Essex a safer place to live and work. She has recently completed her training at the Essex Police College with a mixture or practical and theory training.

    Read more about Rebecca.

    Tom BaskeyfieldPc Tom Baskeyfield - Local Policing Team

    From sales to cells

    Former salesman Thomas wanted to work in a role that made a difference to people’s lives. He now works as a police officer and hopes to improve his local community through his role. 

    Read more about Tom.

    Tom BaskeyfieldPc Zhak Burrows - Local Policing Team

    From one force to another

    Former Trainee RAF Pilot Zhak was keen to get back into a challenging role and faces different challenges every day as a police officer. 

    Read more about Zhak.

    James BrewerPc James Brewer - Local Policing Team

    From Special Offers to Special Operations

    Former supermarket manager James wanted to part of something that mattered and made a difference to other people’s lives. He is now a police officer in Southend and responds to emergency calls to help those who need our help.

    Read more about James.

    Pc Jane HoughtonPc Jane Houghton - Local Policing Team

    From business suits to police boots

    After growing a successful business to the point where it could operate independently, Jane took a step back as a business owner and made the move to a career she always wanted to do. After attending a recruitment event and speaking to serving police officers, Jane applied the next day. She was successful in her application and has been a student officer since June.

    Read more about Jane.

    Anti-Social Behaviour team

    Jan BloomfieldSgt Jan Bloomfield - Local Policing Team

    From bank clerk to youth work

    It was always Jan’s dream to become a police officer and after a short stint working in a bank, she made her childhood dream come true and now works with children and young people to tackle anti-social behaviour.

    Read more about Jan.

    Rural and heritage crime team

    Andy LongPc Andy Long - Local Policing Team

    From office sector to wildlife protector

    Andy worked in London carrying out office maintenance but searched for a role where he could give back to society. He now works in a specialist role as a rural and heritage crime officer helping to protect rural communities and wildlife.

    Read more about Andy.

    Mental Health Street Triage Team

    Wendy CrowsonPc Amy Howard - Mental Health Street Triage Team officer

    From insurance to reassurance

    Bored of an office job in insurance, Amy fancied a new challenge and now works with our Mental Health Street Triage Team to help vulnerable people.

    Read more about Amy.

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