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Volunteers can be described in many ways. The Home Office definition states that a volunteer is someone "who commits time and energy for the benefit of society, the community, environment and/or individuals, undertaking this by choice, without concern for financial gain".

Volunteers currently work within Essex Police but they do not take on paid roles or roles currently filled by staff. They bring their various life skills to areas such as community engagement e.g. working as an assistant at the Essex Police Museum.

Volunteering is a great form of community engagement. Whilst professional services are absolutely essential, improving the quality of life for our communities should not be seen as something only delivered by paid professionals. Communities should and need to take some ownership of those services themselves. Individuals must feel empowered to create local solutions to local problems, and this can be achieved, at least in part, through volunteering.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Essex Police and are 18 years old or older please email our Community Resources Co-ordinators office on [email protected]

The information on this page relates to volunteering roles only; it does not relate to work experience or work placements.

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