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Two men admit carrying out series of burglaries

Two men admit carrying out series of burglaries
Two men have admitted carrying out a series of burglaries in Essex and Suffolk.

There were 39 break-ins in total between December 9, 2016 and January 26, 2017 including in Colchester, Ipswich, Witham, Felixstowe and Lawford with a number of properties in the same location targeted within a matter of hours of each other.

Extensive investigations were carried out into the break-ins and, due to the details of each, they were linked as part of a series.

James Preston, 25, of no fixed address, was arrested on February 1, 2017 on the A12 in Suffolk while Steven Patmore, 25, of Mersea Road, Colchester was arrested on January 26.

They were later both charged with conspiracy to burgle while Preston was also charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to resist arrest in relation to a burglary in Wivenhoe on December 13, 2016.

As part of the investigation Patmore’s mother Nicola, his brother Dwayne and his sister Marlie were also arrested and charged.

At Chelmsford Crown Court today (Wednesday, June 12) Preston and Steven Patmore admitted all the charges against them with Preston admitting to involvement in 26 of the break-ins and Patmore 31.

Nicola Patmore, 45, of Rosemary Road, Clacton admitted receiving stolen goods, while 24 year-old Marlie Patmore, of Bardfield Road, Colchester and 22 year-old Dwayne Patmore, also of Rosemary Road, Clacton, admitted handling stolen goods.

No evidence was offered against 26 year-old woman who had also been arrested and charged.

All five are due to be sentenced at the same court on July 4.

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