Please read the latest guidance on how you can keep yourselves and others safe by visiting

All our Town Centre Teams welcome you back to our town centres and thank you for supporting your local businesses.
Thank you for continuing to take steps to protect yourselves, your family, friends, colleagues and communities, helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Like Santa you can count on our presence.

Tier 2

New Government regulations relating to COVID-19 came into force on Tuesday 2 December and we reverted to a tier system.

We all have a responsibility to ensure we are sticking to the rules of Tier 2.

We know that being in Tier 2 may mean you’re out and about a bit more and, with the nights getting darker, we’d encourage you to re-read our guide on keeping your home secure.

It might be that you want to invest in CCTV or alarms, timers for lights, or leave the radio or TV on when you leave the house. We’d encourage you to take whatever small steps you can to deter burglars.   

Between the 23 and 27 December, you will be able to form Christmas bubbles to allow for you to celebrate with a limited number of family members.

You can see the new regulations about Tier 2 and Christmas bubbles on the Government’s website.

We know that this year has been difficult and challenging. We have all  had to make sacrifices.

Our officers are following the Government regulations, both on and off duty, and we want to thank everyone across Essex for doing the same.

The policing approach in Essex has been, and will continue to be, to engage with the public, explain the regulations, and encourage them to do the right thing.

We’ve had more than 20,000 conversations with the public since April but had to issue relatively few fines.

This shows our approach is working and the vast majority of people across Essex are doing the right thing. We appreciate the sacrifices you’re making.

However, where reasoned conversations have not worked, and it is appropriate and necessary to do so, we will take enforcement action.

We will continue to respond to reports of clear and blatant breaches of regulations and where they take place we will act.

This is not about ruining people’s fun or their Christmas – we know that important events haven’t been the same this year. We have all missed out, but the virus is still here and we need people to keep themselves and others safe.

If you want to report a clear and blatant breach you can do so using our digital 101 system on our website.

Between 7am-11pm, you will be able to make an online report directly to one of our digital 101 operators, by selecting the 'Live Chat' button at the bottom of the page.

This will ensure the information you provide is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, you can make an online report or call 101.

By doing the right thing you give us more time to do what we do best – help people, keep people safe, and catch criminals.

Two weeks ago, we carried out a week of action for Operation Sceptre, seizing 46 knives during the week. We arrested 21 people and in five of these cases, we recovered knives while carrying out a stop and search.

Police Dog Boots searching during weapon sweep in Harlow in November.


Our Op Raptor teams, which target criminals involved in drug and gang-related crime, arrested eight people on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs, seized £15,000 in cash and 800 wraps of crack and heroin. These drugs are now off the streets of Essex, meaning they cannot cause harm in your community. 

We’ve also been working closely with UK Border Force to intercept suspicious packages containing weapons or drugs and track down those who may be involved in violent crime. We’ve arrested several people in connection with our ongoing investigations.

Sticking to the regulations means we can continue to do more of this work.

Thank you and stay safe Essex.