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Five roles you can progress into as a police officer with Essex Police

Pc Daryl Jones, DCI Stuart Truss, Pc Amy Howard, Pc Paul Rawson and Sgt. Sara Dean
Find out about being a local policing officer, Dog Section Sergeant, Marine Officer, Deputy Senior Investigating Officer and Mental Health Street Triage officer.

Working for Essex Police doesn’t just give our officers a job, it gives them a career. Being a police officer offers them the opportunity to work in various roles to help them build their career and continually vary their experiences. We have selected just five of the roles that our officers can progress into during their career:

Local Policing Officer:

Pc Daryl Jones is a Local Policing Officer in Southend. He attends emergency and non-emergency calls in his designated neighbourhood. This means he is first on scene at varying incidents such as searching for a missing person, attending a road traffic collision, securing a burglary scene to resolving a domestic dispute. 

Daryl said: “I love working in a job where every day is different, plus I get to work with my best friends. I’ve made some life-long friends in this role and love being part of our police family. Being a response officer is exciting and rewarding.” 

Dog Section Sergeant:

Sgt Sara Dean works in the Dog Section. She oversees the training for the dogs and their handlers. This involves organising and implementing the training for all aspects of dog handling such as tracking, searching for persons and property, safety and control training.

Sara said: “I always wanted to work in the Dog Section and was pleased when I got the chance to progress into this role. It’s great being in a role where not every day is the same. Being a dog handler enables you to search areas that other officers can’t get to and it’s rewarding when your dog tracks and finds either a missing person or suspect.”

Marine Officer:

Pc Paul Rawson works in our Marine Unit. He patrols the waterways to disrupt, deter and detect any crime from taking place. He conducts high-visibility patrols, counter-terrorism patrols and monitors sensitive sites. 

Paul said: “I love that I can combine my role as a police officer with my love of being out on the water. It is a very rewarding role with many career opportunities.”

Deputy Senior Investigating Officer:

DI Stuart Truss is a Deputy Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) for our Major Crime unit. He is responsible for overseeing and leading cases which often include murder, manslaughter, high-profile stranger rapes, and crimes in action e.g. kidnapping and extortion.

Stuart leads the investigation by choosing the strategy, managing the suspects and the direction of the investigation for his officers. This also involves overseeing the management of the victims’ families by putting a Family liaison officer and strategy in place to ensure the family is supported and all evidence is gathered. 

Stuart said: “It’s a role which presents a challenge which makes it even more rewarding when we get a good result. I have a great team that I work with which really helps when we are dealing with difficult cases. It’s really satisfying to see criminals who have committed the most serious of crimes being placed behind bars.”

Mental Health Street Triage Officer:

Pc Amy Howard works in our Mental Health Street Triage team. She attends any incident to support officers where they feel someone may be suffering from poor mental health and need the support of a mental health professional. This role involves working closely with the NHS and allows Amy and her colleagues, to gain experience surrounding mental health issues.

Amy said: “I love the variety of the role. There are no two incidents that are the same. I like working alongside our NHS colleagues, we gain lots of knowledge and experience from them. It’s good to be able to build my knowledge about mental health as it’s an on-going issue.”

To find out more about the different roles you can progress in with Essex Police, visit our job profiles.

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