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Three Specials save bride’s wedding

Wedding saved by Special Constables and Special Sergeant
Over the weekend, Sp/Sgt Andrew Morgan, Sc Jesus Alvarez and Sc Joe Eardley ensured a bride and her bridesmaids arrived at her wedding on time after she was stuck in the Colchester Military Show traffic. 

The trio received radio support from Sc Chris Brown (pictured with Sc Joe Eardley).

As road closures were in place due to the Colchester Military Show at the Garrison, a bride had difficulty arriving on time for her wedding. The bride had booked a taxi for herself and her bridesmaids but the taxi never arrived due to the traffic. The officers saw the bride was in distress and offered to help. The three Specials transported the bride to her wedding in style with her bridesmaids safely seated in the back of the police carrier.

Special Sergeant Andrew Morgan, Special Constable Jesus Alvarez and Special Constable Joe Eardley were volunteering their time, as they do every week and were more than happy to help. With their busy journey to the Town Hall, the officers didn’t even have time to find out the bride’s name. Her guests were surprised when a large police van arrived at the wedding but their alarm was soon laid to rest when they realised the kind officers were the bride’s mode of transport.  

Special Sergeant Morgan, of Colchester Local Policing Team, said: “It was a pleasure to be of assistance. The reason I volunteer as a Special is to help people and what better time to help someone than when they’re stranded on their wedding day. Once we helped the bride arrive on time and safely, we returned to business as usual, volunteering to keep the community safe.”

Superintendent Simon Anslow, Head of the Special Constabulary, said: “Specials volunteer their time to support Essex Police in keeping people safe but where they’re able to, are only too willing to help out in whatever ways they can. We want to give people the best possible service so I’m pleased the Specials could help out on the bride’s big day!”

The Special Constabulary consist of officers who volunteer their time. They are equipped with full policing powers and the same uniform as regular officers to help protect their local community. They spend a portion of their voluntary hours working in specialist roles such as the Police Online Investigation Team (POLIT), Roads Policing, the Dog Section, Crime Scene Investigation and others.

For more information about the Special Constabulary and how to apply, visit:

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