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Essex Police welcomes ten new Special Constables

Essex Police welcomes ten new Special Constables
Ten Special Constables proudly attested yesterday (August 22) during a special ceremony at our HQ in Chelmsford.

After completing a four week intensive training course to equip them with the same policing powers as regular colleagues, the Specials took their oaths in front of Justice of the Peace Dawn Roche, Assistant Chief Constable Pippa Mills and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Gardner and were presented with a Certificate of Attestation and a warrant card.

Each Special Constable was introduced by Deputy Chief Officer Derek Hopkins in front of their proud loved ones, senior officers and other Special Constables in their area that attended to welcome them into the force.

Mr Hopkins, who has been a serving Special for over 37 years, introduced each Special and announced which area they would be posted to before inviting them to take to the stage and swear in.

After all of the officers attested and received their Certificate of Attestation, Mrs Roche addressed the friends and families of the Specials.

She said: “I do make sure I read every one of these attestations with them as it is so important to them and to everybody else in this room. They are going to put their uniforms on as Special Constables, go out and they are going to protect every single one of us and I think the oath they have just taken and the fact that they are doing that as a volunteer is exceptional.”

ACC Mills said: “Congratulations to all of you, I am immensely proud to call you colleagues. I want to offer my genuine thanks to your friends and family beside you here this evening. Their support, love and understanding will be crucial to you performing your role as a police officer. You’ll make new friends and join a great family here in Essex Police but it’s the friends and family here beside you this evening that will be your touchstones. You are now sworn officers in the amazing Essex Police Special Constabulary and I look forward to working with you all over the coming months and years.”

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Gardner, a former Special Constable in Essex Police for seven years, said: “Congratulations and welcome to Essex Police. I can say this as a former Special of Essex Police, I am incredibly jealous and very excited for you. You will have the best time, you will grow as individuals, your skills will develop and you’ll take that back into your daily jobs and it will just be exciting every time you go out on duty.

“You bring a different set of skills to this job and they will be utilised. Today you have sworn an oath and you are now part of our policing family and I know you will work tirelessly to respond to the challenges you will undoubtedly face on a daily basis. On behalf of myself, on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner and also on behalf of the people of Essex, I thank you and I wish you every success in your future endeavours in your policing career.”

Each of the new Special Constables offers unique skills to policing, their ages vary and they come from a variety of different backgrounds including the fire service, management roles and parenthood. They have been put through their paces during the four week intensive training course and their unique skills have served them well and will continue to help them in their policing careers.

Special Constables are volunteer police officers. They have the same police powers, uniforms and equipment as regular police officers but sacrifice their free time on a voluntary basis, organising their busy personal lives, day jobs and other commitments around police duties. 

If you would like to become a Special Constable or would like more information about the Special Constabulary, visit:

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