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Man reported for unlicensed use of a drone

Man reported for unlicensed use of a drone
We are working in partnership with Network Rail and the British Transport Police following a report of a man using a drone without a licence. 
This occurred on Saturday 12th August 2017 when the Tornado steam train came to Kirby Cross, Tendring along the national rail network and was reported to police on Wednesday, August 16. 
The man was flying the drone within 50 metres of other people and property out of their control. 
A 28-year-old man, from Kirby Cross, Tendring was reported on Sunday, October 1, for breaching the Air Navigation Order 2016 and was dealt with by means of an agreement contract with Essex Police and given a community resolution. 
The man was also selling the images he had taken in a local shop, which is illegal if you are not certified and cleared through the Civil Aviation Authority to do so. 
For more information on the regulations relating to the use of drones visit 
Investigating officer PC Paul Lindup said, “This is the first drone incident Essex Police has dealt with and we along with the British Transport Police are clamping down on illegal use of drones and will be prosecuting more infringements. The British Transport Police carried out a similar process on Thursday, September 28 with a second operator reported to court. 

“If you witness what you believe to be a dangerous use of a drone please contact 101 or email [email protected] stating the location and time and any evidence you can gain of the offence.” 

Wendy Welsh, head of air operations at Network Rail said: “If a train collided with a drone, it could cause a serious accident. A drone could fly into and damage vital equipment – such as overhead wires or pylons – costing thousands to repair and causing hours of train delays.

"Only our team of highly-trained authorised pilots and specialist approved contractors are permitted to fly drones near the railway. It’s just too dangerous for anyone else to fly a drone near the railway and you could face a penalty of up to £2500.” 

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