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Winter driving tips and advice

Winter driving tips and advice
Temperatures dropped below freezing today, Monday, November 6, and our first frost signalled that winter is well and truly on its way.
These conditions require a different approach to driving and mean it’s that time of year to give your car a winter MOT to ensure its suitability for the changing weather. 
Sgt Neil Coalbran of Stanway Roads Policing gives the following advice to motorists. 

• Lights - Make sure your lights are in good working order 

• Tyres - Ensure there is sufficient tread on your tyres and that they are inflated to the correct level. Remember the simple 20p coin test, where the outer band of the coin should be obscured when inserted into the tread if it is above the legal limit 

• Windscreen - Check the condition of your wiper blades and windscreen ensuring it is free form cracks 

• Screen wash - The screen wash bottle should be topped up and at a concentration that does not freeze 

• Equipment - Equip yourself with a torch, blanket, de-icer, warm clothing and snacks in case of any unexpected longer journey times 

• Heating - Heating in your car should be in good working order so the windscreen can be demisted and to prevent you from freezing 

• Vision - Before setting off check all your windows and mirrors are clear so you have an unrestricted view of the road 

• Slow down - Slow down when driving and give yourself plenty of time to get round bends or to stop behind hazards ahead. The road surface may be slippery, which can increase your stopping distance on icy roads up to 10 times compared to when on a dry road surface 

• And finally - Make sure you have sufficient fuel for your journey by keeping the fuel tank topped up. 

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