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Retiring officer and his police dog in final shift-y

Retiring officer and his police dog in final shift-y
Pc Andy Kemp and Police Dog Shifty completed their final shift today at our Dog Section in Sandon.

Andy began his police career in 1991 and has worked in a variety of roles for both Essex Police and the Metropolitan Police.

Shifty joined the Dog Section nearly ten years ago, quickly excelling in his initial training which covered obedience, agility and specialist police tasks.

He is trained via scent association which means he searches for a particular scent and once found, is rewarded with his tennis ball and lots of encouragement.

Over the course of his career, Shifty has become something of a household name amongst Essex Police officers, not least for his ability to sniff out trouble.

Pc Kemp said: “Shifty has been involved in some cracking jobs. Whether its drugs, cash or weapons; if there’s something to be found, he’ll find it.”

In November 2016, Shifty discovered more than £16,000 in cash during a search of a property in Buckhurst Hill.

The discovery helped secure the convictions of five men, including a former personal banker, for their part in a £16m international money laundering operation.

More recently Andy and Shifty have assisted officers on Project Servator deployments at Stansted Airport. Servator is a national police initiative dedicated to deterring and detecting criminal and terrorist activity.

Away from work, Shifty lives with Andy and is treated as one of the family. He regularly competes with Andy’s pet Border Terrier for leftovers from Sunday dinner.

“People often assume that because Shifty is a police dog, he’s always in ‘work mode’ but that’s not the case at all. Although he needs lots of exercise, he spends his free time relaxing and sleeping on the sofa. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his retirement!”

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