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Officer commended for saving woman’s life

Officer commended for saving woman’s life
One of our officers received a Chief Constable commendation yesterday during a special ceremony at our headquarters in Chelmsford for her role in saving a woman’s life.

PC Miccy Turton received a commendation for her dedication and professionalism when giving life-saving first aid to an unconscious woman.

In July 2016, Miccy volunteered to search an area for a missing person. With other units in cars searching the area, Miccy volunteered to search on foot alongside the train tracks and the surrounding wooded area.

After navigating through tricky terrain, she found the missing woman unconscious on the ground.

She immediately began first aid and was later told by paramedics that her actions saved the woman’s life.

PC Miccy Turton said: “It’s really a special honour to be recognised by the Chief Constable for the work that I’ve done. At the time of the incident, I finished work that day and thought this is why I joined the police.

“Somebody is now living that without my actions would be deceased and there’s parents now that have still got their daughter. It makes me really proud to be a police officer.”

Miccy has been a police officer with us for 27 years after joining us as a police cadet in 1991. Early on in her career as a police cadet, she received her first commendation for bravery after she acted quickly to disarm a distressed woman who was threatening others with a sharp object.

She received a second commendation for another life-saving act in 2015 that saw her calmly negotiate with a woman intent on harming herself. After building a rapport with the woman, Miccy helped her back to safety to get the help she needed.

In 2017, Miccy took up a new challenge with us to train our new recruits at our police college in Chelmsford.

Police officer recruitment is currently open. For more information, visit:

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