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Cycle event raises safety awareness after rider seriously injured in Bicknacre

Cycle event raises safety awareness after rider seriously injured in Bicknacre
Young riders have taken part in a cycle safe awareness event following a serious collision that involved a boy in Bicknacre.

More than 50 cyclists took part in the cycle from Chelmsford train station to Central Park and Admirals Park on Thursday, December 20.

The event follows a collision at approximately 6.45am on Wednesday, November 28, involving 13-year-old Toby Restall who was delivering papers in White Elm Road.

A white van collided with Toby on a dark and rainy morning, who at the time was not wearing high visibility clothing or a cycle helmet.

He spent three weeks in hospital for his injuries before being discharged. He is currently relying on a wheelchair to get around as he recovers.

Toby’s mother Claire Restall said: “We wouldn’t wish this experience on any parent, it was our worst nightmare.

"That morning in his enthusiasm to do his paper round to help buy a new bike, Toby forgot to wear his helmet.

"He suffered serious injuries, some of which could have been less serious with the right clothing or equipment.

"Toby now knows the importance of riding safe and he knows how lucky he has been.

"With the amazing support of the emergency services, hospital and local community in Bicknacre, he is making a remarkable recovery.”

This month’s event, which received support from our officers, was set up to show the importance of cycling with a crash helmet.

The message for the event was ‘no helmet, no ride’.

PC Alan Lamb, of Essex Police’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “Toby suffered some serious head injuries and was in a coma for a number of days.

"Fortunately, he is making great progress and I wish him all the best in his recovery.

"Hopefully Toby and the young riders who turned out to support the event now know the importance of wearing a helmet before getting on their bikes. They truly are life savers.”

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