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Knife amnesty bin installed in Grays

Knife amnesty bin installed in Grays
A new knife amnesty bin has been installed in Grays.

It is part of Only Cowards Carry’s Knife Amnesty Bin Project, which we’re supporting along with Thurrock Council, the Thurrock Community Safety Partnership, and the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex.

The bin, which is outside Grays Police station in Brooke Road, is one of a number across the county.

District commander Chief Inspector Claire Talbot said: “I have seen first-hand the devastating impact knife crime has on victims and our communities, and driving this down is one of our top priorities.

“We work with other organisations such as Only Cowards Carry to try and educate people to prevent knife crime happening in the first place.

“The amnesty bin is an opportunity for anyone who carries a blade to dispose of it anonymously the more knives we can take off the street, the better.”

Shani Jackson, of Only Cowards Carry, said: “Count the Blade was launched after we created a pilot a project called The Knife Amnesty in Clacton, placing a temporary amnesty bin to receive knives and or weapons.

“Due to its great success, Count the Blade was introduced and all districts within Essex have now received a secured robust depositary bin.

“To date 47,715 bladed articles have been safely disposed of in the amnesty bins. This in turn contributes to creating safer communities and helps reduce knife related crimes in the community.

“A kitchen knife is seen by most people as a standard kitchen utensil, others may see it as a potential weapon.

“By discarding knives in the correct manner, we can help decrease the use of knives as weapons.”

Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said: “I really admire the work which Only Cowards Carry do. They help make our streets safer. Reducing violence on our streets is one of our key priorities.

“A knife placed in one of these bins is another knife off our streets which might otherwise be used to cause someone serious harm or potentially worse.

"Not only do these bins allow dangerous weapons to be safely disposed of but their visible presence in the heart of our town centres also serves to raise awareness of the very real danger posed by those carrying knives.”

Essex Police took part in Operation Sceptre, a national crackdown on knife crime, last week. The week of action built on the current work officers are doing to tackle serious violence and kicks off a longer period of action designed to target knife crime.

In Thurrock, we carried out weapon sweeps in parks and other public spaces where knife crime and drug activity has been reported to us.

We also carried out high visibility patrols near train stations and targeted individuals believed to be involved in gangs and drugs.

For more information about knife crime in Essex, visit

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