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Essex Sensory Awareness Week - Janette's Story

Essex Sensory Awareness Week - Janette's Story
Chief Inspector Janette Rawlingson, District Commander for Braintree and Uttlesford, leads and supports her officers despite having a hearing impairment.
She has not let her impairment affect her role and since she started the role last year, has seen public confidence increase in both areas – including a huge 10 per cent in Uttl...esford for the 12 months ending March 2019.
Janette said: “Last year I was suffering from hearing loss in one ear and I had an MRI scan to check there wasn’t something sinister.
“Since August 2018 I’ve worn a behind the ear hearing aid. I’m officially disabled and I really have learned to wear my hearing aid with pride - and I’m certainly not nervous about mentioning it.
“In the big scheme of things, it’s very minor. I sat a promotion board waiting for my hearing aid fitting and while there were a few ‘pardons’ and ‘can you repeat that please’ but it didn’t stop me passing.”
For more on Essex Sensory Awareness Week visit:…/media-ar…/essex-sensory-awareness-week.

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