Served with Essex County Constabulary from April 4, 1859 and died on August 7, 1886.

Police Constable Edward Raven was born at Steeple in Essex, working as a labourer prior to becoming a policeman when he was 23; his brother Elijah joined the City of London Police.

Edward Raven's first posting was to Chelmsford till June 1862, but for the next 20 years he was one of the Essex police officers whose wages were paid by the Burnham Oyster Company to protect their fisheries; it seems likely that he already had some previous knowledge of boats from his upbringing in a riverside village. In 1882 the Burnham Oyster Company reduced the number of its officers, and Edward Raven worked in his birthplace before volunteering for the Foulness beat.

On 7 August 1886 Edward Raven had taken his mentally handicapped son back to the Colchester asylum. He was returning to Foulness in a small boat when it capsized in the strong breeze, and he was drowned. He was 51.