John Shrimplin

Served with Essex County Constabulary from May 14, 1964 and died on March 2, 1970.

Police constable John Shrimplin was a Chelmsford man who worked at Marconi's before becoming a policeman. Motor cycles were one of his passions, and after being stationed at Harlow he transferred to Harlow Traffic, soon becoming a first class advanced Traffic motor cyclist; he was also qualified in firearms.

John Shrimplin had three sons and a daughter, and actively encouraged his children to share his motor cycling interests, even to the extent of building a miniature motor cycle in the loft at home during his spare time.

Peter became a care worker looking after people with difficulties. Paul is a self-employed plumber, and Sarah lives in Hong Kong where she is a marketing manager.

On 2nd March 1970 John Shrimplin was patrolling on his motor cycle at Epping, when he was struck and killed by a car which swerved into him from the opposite carriageway.