Peter Wringe

Served with Essex Police from December 29, 1981 and died on July 4, 1982.

Police Constable Peter Wringe had an insight into the police from his two previous jobs, one in Colchester Magistrates' Court and the other as a civilian employee of the Metropolitan Police.

Peter Wringe was 23 when he joined the force, and was posted to Southend where he is remembered as an officer with a keen sense of humour who enjoyed projecting himself as a 'country boy'. Peter Wringe was always willing to do more than was expected of him.

With only six months' service he joined other members of his shift at a warehouse alarm in the early hours of a July morning. The building appeared secure, but he knew that burglars had previously entered through the roof, so he climbed on to the single storey building to check. He fell thirty feet to the ground and died later in hospital.