Served with Essex County Constabulary from Apr 26, 1937 and died on Jun 12, 1943.

Police Constable Harold Greenhalgh was born on 20th June 1914 in Middleton, Lancashire. He joined the Territorial Army on 4th January 1932, and progressed to the regulars on 4th April 1933 where he remained for exactly four years. On 26th April 1937 he was accepted by Essex County Constabulary, and after training at Headquarters he was posted to Clacton from 19th June 1937.

Like his colleague, Albert Davies, Harold married on 25th November 1939, prior to his recall to the army six days later. He contracted a rare blood disease and as a result was discharge from the army on 10th May 1943 having attained the rank of Sergeant in the Grenadier Guards. He succumbed to the disease at Black Notley Hospital on 12th June 1943.
His widow Vera May Greenhalgh was granted a £30 per annum police pension, with a further £10 per annum allowance for their son John Greenhalgh.

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