1. About the Essex Police Museum

The museum tells the story of the history of the police in Essex from the Victorians to modern day. It was set up as a charity (charity No.1042055) in 1992 to provide a home for the historical items belonging to Essex Police. We now have over 25,000 items in the collection consisting of objects, photos and paper documents.

Our aim is to preserve the history of Essex Police and expand public knowledge and awareness of the history of our police force by collecting, preserving, and displaying material relevant to the history of Essex Police.

Things you must see

  • The shoes of Camille Holland, murdered for her money in 1898
  • The death mask of Frederick Browne who murdered PC Gutteridge in 1927
  • Our classic 1960s Noddy Bike

Things you must do

  • Step inside our Victorian cell
  • Look through our charge book from 1914
  • Try on real police uniform
  • Take your fingerprints

The museum is open to the public on Saturdays from 10am-4pm and we usually have a children's event running. All our events are listed here. We also host private openings for schools and group visits. Email us to enquire!

We have a small gift shop with souveniers, children's toys and reference books. All proceeds go directly to the museum. We also have an online shop with various digital activities and printable goods. You are also able to make online donations to help support us.

If you have items you think should be in our collection then please email us. Each offer is considered on a case-by-case basis according to our collection policy. If we are unable to accept your donation we will try our best to suggest an alternative home for it.