Here you'll find advice and tips on how to secure your marine equipment, protect your property and prevent becoming a victim of crime. 

If you would like further crime prevention advice relating to marine equipment and property, please contact our Marine Unit



Fit good quality locks to your boat.

Using surface mounted barrel locks or cheap padlocks are more likely to attract the attention of thieves.

We recommend a good quality padlock and hasp’n’staple secured by stainless steel nut and bolts.

Outboards should be fitted with a specific outboard lock.

If you are unable to lock it – remove it.




Trailers are easy targets for thieves.

Always fit a quality trailer lock to the hitch and a wheel clamp, or better still fit a detachable hitch and remove it.

Consider having a ground anchor fitted and chain the trailer to it.


Mark it


Mark your property. This deters thieves and helps us return your property if it gets stolen.

Consider using paint or a permanent marker, an ultra-violet permanent marker or Datatag.

Selecta DNA property marking kits are available specifically for marine equipment.




Fitting an alarm to your boat and advertising it is a great deterrent.

Consider a sensor on the hatch with a passive infra-red beam in the main cabin.

Guard wires can be fitted which activate when cut, these are ideal to protect dinghies and outboard motors.

Sirens fitted inside the cabin will disorientate an intruder and fitting strobes to the highest point on the mast will help draw attention.


Remove access


Always remove any ladders or other means of access to your boat if you are storing your boat on hardstanding.