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You can do this through the Thanks and Complaints page on the website or by speaking directly to one of our officers out on patrol.

Keeping watch

Raymond Lilley owns the Celtic Warrior and runs it out of Paglesham on the River Roach. Seafishing has been his hobby for 40 years and boats are in his blood as his father also owned a boat.
Usually, he’d be out on the water two or three times a month but has only been able to get out five times in 2020.

He said:

"The Marine Unit keep an eye on people and their boats, making sure they are not vandalised or broken into.
“There’s always a set of eyes on the water and it makes us feel safe. I keep my boat at Paglesham and we see the police out there every weekend.”

PC Daren Chambers, Raymond Lilley & Stuart Butler.


Matthew Smith, commercial fishing skipper said: 

“The Marine Unit officers protect our waters and our fishing rights and they are important in stopping illegal substances coming into the country, which protects our children.
"They are always on hand to help us with any difficulties and they also help anyone out on the sea or anyone walking on the mudflats who gets into difficulties. I appreciate the fact that they are out here checking fishing licences and looking out for us.”


Matthew Smith and PC Daren Chambers