Serving since

September 2019

Where are you from?

I’m from a small town in Cornwall called Redruth, several hours away from Essex.

What did you do before the police?

Before joining the police I was solo travelling through Australia and Europe. I spent the majority of my time in Sydney before heading to Poland to brush up on some of the language skills I learned at university.

Why did you join Essex Police?

Having lived in Cornwall my entire life besides university, I am no stranger to this question. There are many factors that made me chose Essex Police over other forces. I have always been ambitious and Essex offers great opportunities to ambitious people, has a number of specialist units and is known for being an innovative force.

The newly produced force wide plan to tackle crime and work with partners was another reason I wanted to join Essex Police. It aims to tackle serious problems facing not just Essex and its surrounding areas but issues that the entirety of England are facing at the moment.

It’s a great challenge to experience new places too and I think that Essex is a great place to live. It is affordable, with both towns and rural landscapes. Essex is a big exciting place too! I can’t wait to get started.  

I would encourage anyone thinking of becoming a police officer to join Essex police, as we offer a balance of opportunity, family feel and variety of environment that other places simply can’t.

Which area of the county are you going to be serving?

I have just completed my college training at the Essex Police College in Chelmsford. I’ll be serving in Basildon for my tutorship – this is training which is out on the streets supported by a serving officer.

What have you enjoyed about your training?

It is so hard to summarise what I have enjoyed about my training because every week has been so different and enjoyable. I have enjoyed building new friendships with my colleagues. You get to meet so many like-minded people who all share the same goal which helps us make long-lasting friendships.

Every person I have met so far has been friendly and approachable, especially our supervisors and trainers. The teaching has been world class! They’ve managed to create an environment which is professional yet casual.

I also really enjoyed ‘dishonesty week’. During this week we learned about the law in relation to theft, burglary, handling stolen goods and similar dishonest offences. Lastly, our defensive skills week was really fun and taught us how to defend ourselves when we’re out on the streets.

What’s been your most memorable moment?

I think my most memorable moment was at the conclusion of the defensive skills week during which I experienced being CS sprayed as a part of the training. I enjoyed a good laugh observing others, before reversing roles to be the one walking around with my hands out in front of me searching for the best place to rest. This is a good experience as we are most likely to get the CS gas in our eyes when we use it on the rare occasion to protect ourselves on duty.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming a police officer?

Being a police officer is a unique role and carries with it a great deal of responsibility but even more chance to feel rewarded.

Police officers are able to help people when they need it most and do this on a frequent basis. When a person thinks back to a time in their life when they needed police assistance, when something bad happened to them and they required help, they will remember you as being the one that helped them, and you will truly make a difference to their lives.

The police service will not only enable you to remain true to your values but will celebrate you for practicing them. My advice to a person thinking of becoming a police officer therefore would be to jump in and give it a go, because once you’re in, any doubt will be replaced by excitement and reward.