Leanne Broadhurst

Started serving

July 2019

What did you do before the police?

I worked at NatWest in a call centre as a Customer Service Representative for the Complaints Team.

Why did you join the police?

It was always a dream job of mine but what stopped me applying sooner was my confidence. I broke that barrier by going to a career event in Harlow and spoke to many departments within the police and applied to be a Special. I thoroughly enjoyed being a Special, gained some valuable experience and took the next step to apply to be a regular. I haven’t looked back since!

Which area of the county are you going to be serving?

I’ll be starting out in Grays.

What have you enjoyed about your training?

Everything. There is so much to learn and you meet new people from all different backgrounds and just merge into one family. Every day is a different day and every day you learn something new.

It opens the doors to many opportunities and gives you a massive insight to what the police do, preparing me for when I become an officer. We get to see how Essex Police works with external organisations as well as different internal departments. We also get to meet the police dogs and a puppy!

What's been your most memorable moment?

My class (M1) did a 24 hour run. It was good fun and we raised lots of money for charity while having a laugh.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming a police officer?

Just do it. It will be the best thing you have ever done. You won't look back. You will learn new skills, expand on your education but above all have fun. Break the barrier that's holding you back and join the family. Hope to see you on duty!

If you would like to become a police officer like Leanne, apply online today at www.essex.police.uk/fitthebill