We are opening a special application link for those of you who are currently studying towards achieving your A Level results/equivalent Level 3 qualification in 2020.

You can start an application with us and complete the recruitment process in readiness for joining us once you pass and confirm your A Level results/equivalent Level 3 qualification results.

If successful you could be ready to start with us on intakes from September 2020 onwards.

We look forward to receiving your application – good luck with the process and with your A Level exams/results.

Apply now

Please note: You will not be offered a role with Essex Police until we have verified proof of your qualifications. An appointment will be arranged for you to bring these into the Recruitment Team for verification once you have obtained your certificates of proof.

This application link is only for those candidates who are currently working towards their A Levels and will gain their certificates in 2020.

If you already have A Level or equivalent qualifications or satisfy any of our other Education or Experience criteria, then please apply.