Public service - Value

  • I act in the interest of the public, first and foremost
  • I am motivated by serving the public, ensuring that I provide the best service possible at all times
  • I seek to understand the needs of others to act in their best interests
  • I adapt to address the needs and concerns of different communities
  • I tailor my communication to be appropriate and respectful to my audience
  • I take into consideration how others want to be treated when interacting with them
  • I treat people respectfully regardless of the circumstances
  • I share credit with everyone involved in delivering services.

Impartiality - Value

  • I take into account individual needs and requirements in all of my actions
  • I understand that treating everyone fairly does not mean everyone is treated the same
  • I always give people an equal opportunity to express their views
  • I communicate with everyone, making sure the most relevant message is provided to all
  • I value everyone's views and opinions by actively listening to understand their perspective
  • I make fair and objective decisions using the best available evidence
  • I enable everyone to have equal access to services and information, where appropriate.

Integrity - Value

  • I always act in line with the values of the police service and the Code of Ethics for the benefit of the public
  • I demonstrate courage in doing the right thing, even in challenging situations
  • I enhance the reputation of my organisation and the wider police service through my actions and behaviours
  • I challenge colleagues whose behaviour, attitude and language falls below the public's and the service's expectations
  • I am open and responsive to challenge about my actions and words
  • I declare any conflicts of interest at the earliest opportunity. I am respectful of the authority and influence my position gives me
  • I use resources effectively and efficiently and not for personal benefit.

Transparency - Value

  • I ensure that my decision-making rationale is clear and considered so that it is easily understood by others
  • I am clear and comprehensive when communicating with others
  • I am open and honest about my areas for development and I strive to improve
  • I give an accurate representation of my actions and records
  • I recognise the value of feedback and act on it
  • I give constructive and accurate feedback
  • I represent the opinions of others accurately and consistently
  • I am consistent and truthful in my communications
  • I maintain confidentiality appropriately.

Analyse critically 

  • I recognise the need to think critically about issues
  • I value the use of analysis and testing in policing
  • I take in information quickly and accurately
  • I am able to separate information and decide whether it is irrelevant or relevant and its importance
  • I solve problems proactively by understanding the reasons behind them, using learning from evidence and my experiences to take action
  • I refer to procedures and precedents as necessary before making decisions
  • I weigh up the pros and cons of possible actions, thinking about potential risks and using this thinking to inform our decisions
  • I recognise gaps and inconsistencies in information and think about the potential implications
  • I make decisions in alignment with our mission, values and the Code of Ethics.

Deliver, support and inspire 

  • I take on challenging tasks to help to improve the service continuously and support my colleagues
  • I understand how my work contributes to the wider police service
  • I understand it is part of my collective responsibility to deliver efficient services
  • I take personal responsibility for making sure that I am working effectively to deliver the best service, both individually and with others
  • I am conscientious in my approach, working hard to provide the best service and to overcome any obstacles that could prevent or hinder delivery
  • I support the efficient use of resources to create the most value and to deliver the right impact
  • I keep up to date with changes in internal and external environments
  • I am a role model for the behaviours I expect to see in others and I act in the best interests of the public and the police service.


  • I work cooperatively with others to get things done, willingly giving help and support to colleagues
  • I am approachable, and explain things well so that I generate a common understanding
  • I take the time to get to know others and their perspective in order to build rapport
  • I treat people with respect as individuals and address their specific needs and concerns. I am open and transparent in my relationships with others
  • I ensure I am clear and appropriate in my communications.

Take ownership 

  • I actively identify and respond to problems
  • I approach tasks with enthusiasm, focusing on public service excellence
  • I regularly seek feedback to understand the quality of my work and the impact of my behaviour
  • I recognise where I can help others and willingly take on additional tasks to support them, where appropriate
  • I give feedback to others that I make sure is understandable and constructive
  • I take responsibility for my own actions, I fulfil my promises and do what I say I will
  • I will admit if I have made a mistake and take action to rectify this
  • I demonstrate pride in representing the police service
  • I understand my own strengths and areas for development and take responsibility for my own learning to address gaps.

Emotionally aware 

  • I treat others with respect, tolerance and compassion
  • I acknowledge and respect a range of different perspectives, values and beliefs within the remit of the law
  • I remain calm and think about how to best manage the situation when faced with provocation
  • I understand my own emotions and I know which situations might affect my ability to deal with stress and pressure
  • I ask for help and support when I need it
  • I understand the value that diversity offers
  • I communicate in clear and simple language so that I can be easily understood by others
  • I seek to understand the thoughts and concerns of others even when they are unable to express themselves clearly.

Innovative and open-minded 

  • I demonstrate an openness to changing ideas, perceptions and ways of working
  • I share suggestions with colleagues, speaking up to help improve existing working methods and practices
  • I constantly reflect on my own way of working and periodically review processes and procedures for continuous improvements
  • I adapt to change and am flexible as the need arises while encouraging others to do the same
  • I learn from my experiences and do not let myself be unduly influenced by preconceptions.