The Operational Policing Command is responsible for many high-risk areas of Protective Services and is made up of officers within specialist teams all working to keep the people of Essex Safe.

From public order commander - To counterterrorism security advisor - To tactical firearms commander

Police officers work in the below roles:

Force Support Unit (FSU)

The Force Support Unit (FSU) provides specialist support to the force. Officers respond to incidents involving weapons and assist in the planning and deployment of firearms operations using overt and covert tactics.

From driving armoured vehicles - To patrolling ports and airports - To responding to incidents involving weapons.

Operational Support Group (OSG)

OSG officers receive specialist training in public order, taser deployment, warrant execution and pursuit management. The team is deployed to assist in the execution of warrants where officers are trained to gain entry using a number of different methods. The team also patrol local communities to gather intelligence to reduce and detain offenders within crime hotspots.

From collecting and conveying prisoners - To executing warrants - To identifying vehicles used in crime.

Special Operations

Op Raptor

Operation Raptor officers are plain clothes officers and are part of CID in each LPA. The team gather intelligence on drugs and gang activity in their area and apply to the courts for search warrants for addresses believed to be associated with drugs and gang activity. The team execute the search warrants and also work proactively to target drugs and gangs in their local area.

From proactively disrupting drug and gang activity - To executing drugs warrants - To seizing drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear

The CBRN unit is responsible for the response to chemical incidents and hazardous material found in Essex. The team has officers trained to use specialist equipment. The team works in partnership with other blue light agencies ensuring the people of Essex are reassured and kept safe.

From sampling - To prevention - To dismantling

Protest Liaison Officer

The right to peaceful protest is fundamental to the rights of individuals within local communities. The team link into groups who wish to protest and do what they can to ensure the protest is allowed to go ahead with minimal disruption to the community whilst ensuring safety of all.

From talking - To negotiating - To keeping the peace


This emerging technology has been fully embraced by Essex Police. The team have been working with industry partners to solve problems using this technology.  From searching for missing people, to crime scene mapping, to 3D modelling and collision scene analysis, drones are used to aid specialist policing.

From flying - To mapping - To finding

Dog Section

The Essex Police Dog Section has a number of police officers that work with police dogs in a range of incidents including firearms support, missing person cases, weapons recovery, drugs and cash recovery and forensic recovery. Officers are paired with one or more police dogs that have embarked on a rigorous training regime in specialist areas to assist in a range of incidents.

From searching for a missing person - To tracking a suspect who is missing from a crime scene - To searching a crime scene for drugs, money, blood and weapons.

Marine Unit

The Marine Unit officers are stationed at Burnham-on-Crouch and carry out patrols and counter terrorism patrols on Essex coastlines and inland waters. The team assist other commands effectively and safely with specialist knowledge, skills and equipment including assisting in search and rescues and body recovery. 

From patrolling Essex coastlines - To water search and rescue - To counter terrorism training.

National Police Air Service

Officers working within NPAS are seconded from West Yorkshire Police to lead air support in our police helicopters in Essex for incidents including searching for missing people and following pursuits.

From assisting in missing person searches - To surveillance - To tracking vehicles in a pursuit.

Search Team

The search team is made up of Licensed Search Officers (LSOs) that have received specialist training to assist in missing persons cases. Officers are trained to lead the search and rescue of a missing person both on land and in the water.

From searching a crime scene - To searching for a missing person - To searching for evidence.

Stansted Airport

Policing an international airport poses challenges over and above those encountered in everyday police work. We have a dedicated team of officers at Stansted Airport that are prepared to deal with specialised and major incidents. Stansted Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK and our officers reduce and detect crime and anti-social behaviour at the airport.

From monitoring flights - To carrying out high visibility patrols - To responding to airside incidents.

Serious Collision Investigation Unit

The Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) investigate road deaths in Essex. Whether they happen in a driveway, on a quiet country road, or a major motorway, SCIU are there to gather the evidence around each collision and establish how the victim lost their life, as well as helping to support their loved ones throughout the investigation.

Roads Policing Unit

Our Roads Policing officers police Essex roads to help to reduce those killed and seriously injured on our roads. The team carry out patrols in both marked and unmarked vehicles to target those driving illegally, targeting offences including driving whilst using a mobile phone, drink and drug driving, driving without wearing a seatbelt and speeding. Roads Policing officers are usually the first on the scene to road traffic collisions and assist in the closing of roads.

From attending a road traffic collision on a busy road - To reducing the risk of casualties on the road - To closing roads to ensure the safety of victims.

Casualty Reduction Section

Officers and staff within our Casualty Reduction Section work towards help reducing those killed and seriously injured on our roads by using a combination of engagement and enforcement. The team work closely with partner agencies to detect and deter those driving illegally. 

From leading operations to target illegal drivers - To seizing uninsured vehicles - To educating drivers and passengers.