Community Policing Teams, like Local Policing Teams, also have police officers of varying ranks, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and Special Constables but concentrate their attention on working closely with members of the community to tackle and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

The team create partnerships with other local organisations and businesses to work closely in tackling crime. The team also respond to critical incidents and assist LPT officers when needed.

From collaborating with homeless agencies to reduce homelessness - To engaging with the local community - To executing a drugs warrant.

Town Centre Teams

Town Centre Teams were introduced in the summer of 2019.

The teams have work hard to make your towns safer by catching drug dealers, shoplifters, those carrying weapons, as well as dealing with anti-social behaviour.

By working with you, our local communities, these teams have increased the information and intelligence we receive which helps us catch more criminals and prevent and detect crime.

Our Town Centre Teams have built close relationships with residents, businesses, community groups, councils and other organisations over the past year to get to the root of ongoing local issues and tensions.

Community Safety Engagement Officers

Community Safety Engagement Officers are the latest addition to our Community Policing Teams.

They will work closely with our existing community police constables and police community support officers and with our community safety partners, which include local councils, fire service, and probation and health services.

The Community Safety Engagement Officers will work in partnership to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, and to protect vulnerable people, helping to provide long term solutions to problems.

The new officers will help improve our reach to as many local people as possible so we can better understand the issues they are facing, as well as letting them know how we’ve been addressing those concerns.’

Children and Young Persons officer 

The role of the Children and Young Persons officer is to seek to safeguard and divert children and young people away from negative behaviour with collaborative working with partners. The role also includes identifying and resolving issues involving young people within the community who are at risk.

From safeguarding children and young people - To working with partners to identify children and young people at risk - To resolving issues involving young people within the community.

Hate Crime Officers

We have three Hate Crime Officers – one for each LPA. Our HCOs review hate crimes that have been reported, in order to ensure that they’re progressing in the most effective way and that victims are being referred to support organisations.

They also assist our officers with their investigations, train and visit our Hate Incident Reporting Centres and engage with local community groups to raise aware of hate crimes and support networks on a regular basis.’

Referral officer

Referral officers work within Community Policing Teams and deal with vulnerable people that have mental health issues, welfare concerns and learning disabilities. Officers liaise with support agencies to ensure people do not become repeat victims or suspects of crime.

From dealing with welfare concerns for vulnerable people - To dealing with vulnerable suspects and victims - To working with vulnerable suspects and victims to ensure they do not become involved in further crime.