The Crime and Public Protection Command is made up of officers and staff that help in missing person cases, domestic abuse cases, sexual assault, honour-based abuse and forced marriage cases as well as safeguarding vulnerable adults and those with ill mental health.

Domestic Abuse Investigation Team (DAIT)

DAIT officers operate within our Crime and Public Protection Command and are usually in a detective role and investigate domestic abuse cases as well as stalking and harassment cases. The team assist officers in local Op Juno teams to safeguard victims and work with partner agencies to further safeguard victims and their families. 

From investigating domestic abuse cases - To investigating stalking and harassment cases - To putting safeguarding measures in place for victims and their families

Adult Sexual Abuse Investigation Team (ASAIT)

Officers within the Adult Sexual Abuse Investigation Team take responsibility for protecting and supporting some of the most vulnerable victims in society. The team deal with all rape and penetrative offences across the county and many of their cases are extremely complex and challenging by nature

Every case the team take responsibility for is a dealt with as a major crime and officers ensure that every line of enquiry is pursued in a search for the truth. The team remain focused in our approach to victims and their welfare will always be the central point of our investigation. 

From investing complex adult abuse - To securing evidence - To arresting individuals for viewing indecent images.

Child Abuse Investigation Teams (CAIT)

CAIT officers investigate all investigations of child abuse that occur within the family and extended family including suspicious deaths. They also deal with child abuse investigations where the offender has been entrusted with the care of the child at the time of the offence, such as teachers, babysitters and youth workers.

CAIT officers work closely with other partner agencies to focus on child protection issues. Officers from CAIT represent Essex Police at many multi-agency child protection forums.

From safeguarding victims - To interviewing suspects accused of sexual offences - To removing children from dangerous situations.


Management of Sex Offenders and Violent Offenders (MOSOVO) officers risk assess and monitor sex offenders within the community and work with prisons to safely integrate offenders back into society.

Prior to a sex or violent offender being released from prison, MOSOVO officers and staff put in place safeguarding procedures to protect victims and the public as well as procedures to integrate the offender back into the community. This is planned with partners in a Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA) meeting.  

From gathering intelligence - To arresting violent offenders - To executing arrest warrants

Police Online Investigation Team (POLIT)

The Police Online Investigation Team (POLIT) is a team of specialist officers covering the whole of the county dedicated to the investigation of offences involving indecent images of children and paedophile material held on a computer.

From executing warrants to seize computer equipment - To interviewing suspects - To safeguarding vulnerable children.

Family Liaison Officers (FLOs)

Family Liaison Officers receive specialist training to facilitate communication between investigating officers and victims of crime, victims of road traffic collisions and the families of victims that have been killed.