SCD works collaboratively within Essex Police and Kent Police to provide intelligence and support to target and tackle those involved in serious criminality in our neighbourhoods. This includes home grown criminal networks within our own communities through to criminals who travel into Essex and Kent to commit offences.

From carrying out specialist investigative work - To targeting organised crime groups - To deploying covert resources

Police officers work in the below teams:

Covert Support and Intelligence

Covert Support officers use a variety of technical, mobile and static surveillance techniques to gather intelligence and safeguard vulnerable people.

From undercover operations - To organising warrants - To dismantling organised crime groups

Major Crime Unit

Officers in our Major Crime Unit investigate the most serious crimes in Essex including murders, attempted murders, stranger rapes and kidnappings. Officers work in partnership with LPAs and the Crown Prosecution Service to secure the conviction of offenders involved in serious and violent crime.

From investigating major crime - To working with the Crown Prosecution Service to secure convictions - To safeguarding vulnerable victims

Serious and Organised Crime Unit (SOCU)

The Serious and Organised Crime Unit protect communities by breaking down organised crime groups through infiltration. The unit targets those involved in the importing, production and distribution of drugs, human trafficking, money laundering and armed robbery. The team also provides specialist support to counterterrorism and local policing units.

From carrying out specialist investigative work - To targeting organised crime groups - To deploying covert resources

Officers within SOCU work in the below teams:

Serious Economic Crime Unit (SECU)

SECU officers conduct enquiries into complex fraud and corruption cases, money laundering cases, electoral fraud and financial investigations into those believe to have profited by criminality.

From protecting vulnerable people from fraud - To dealing with various types of fraud - To helping to return money to victims.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Unit

Officers from our MSHT team work to identify vulnerable victims of exploitation – whether they’re being forced to work in the sex trade, in cannabis factories, or in car washes – and safeguard them from further harm.

They’ll work closely with intelligence officers and partners to identify those who are involved in trafficking and exploitation in order to bring them to justice.

Cyber Crime Unit

As computer technology advances, criminals are expanding their area of cyber crime. Officers within the Cyber Crime Unit disrupt and prosecute people engaged in cyber crime and work to prevent people from engaging in serious and organised crime. The team investigate cases of ransomware, malware and software used to gather sensitive information or gain access to private computer systems as well as lead on investigations in cyber related crimes.

From investigating and prosecuting those committing cyber-crime - To examining electronic equipment - To offering advice and support to victims of malware