To help our potential police officers, we have spoken with some of our senior officers to give you a head start.

Be punctual

Timing is important when working as a police officer so ensure you arrive to the interview promptly. Allowing time for traffic and organising somewhere to park will ensure you do not arrive late.  

Wear something smart 

The dress code is smart or smart-casual. A smart outfit will help you present yourself well when first meeting our senior officers. 

Think about why you’re joining the police 

Think about what motivated you to apply to be a police officer. Before attending the interview, think about what motivates you. 

Do your research

Research Essex Police prior to your interview;  information about Essex Police can be found on our website and social media channels to show who we are and what we do. For more information on the types of research to prepare before your interview, visit our Pinterest page.

Be interesting

Our senior officers interview hundreds of applicants for a limited amount of roles and for you to stand out you need to let your personality show. 

Be yourself

As much as you need to be professional for the role, you need to relax and be yourself. You’ve made it through to the senior interview stage for a reason, so take time to relax before you go in.

Take time to think about your answers

Think about your response to questions. Our senior officers want to hear the best example from you, not the quickest one you can think of. 


It’s okay to be nervous. Our senior officers understand that interviews can make people nervous and want you to feel comfortable so you can answer to the best of your ability. 

Be confident 

Our officers deal with stressful and intense situations on a daily basis; showing confidence and people skills in this interview will show you have the skills to cope with difficult and intense situations. 

Ask questions at the end

Prepare some questions to ask about your role and what it is like to work for Essex Police. You can also ask any questions regarding the recruitment process that you may have not had a chance to ask yet.